The Battle for the Mind Amidst Meaningless Elections

Declassified but still redacted MKULTRA document of government approval of LSD experiments on American citizens without their consent. (Public domain image / Wikimedia Commons)

I’m going to ask you to push yourself beyond all that you are and believe. I’m a staunch political conservative and I believe deeply in God, despite my fatal flaws. Every time I’m asked to look at something from another perspective, I learn to think more deeply about God and country and end up right …

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The Military and Child Molestation: Holding Our Own Accountable in This 5 Gen War

Ever hear the saying that all executives or people in positions of leadership are psychopaths? I’ve known plenty of people in positions of authority who are not social deviants, not even close. Apparently, I don’t know any who are high enough up the ladder. What the majority of us know is that drive, creativity, business …

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Healing from PTSD in a 5th Generation War

LTC Michael Aquino is named in Cathy O'Brien's book as someone involved in her torture, rape, and mind-control programing as a victim of Project Monarch. (Public domain photo / Wikimedia Commons).

How the story of trauma-based mind control human slavery survivor and her intelligence-community-connected rescuer can help the veteran community heal from post-traumatic stress disorder more quickly.