NATO revived Russia; Putin’s army gained combat experience. NATO leaders gained kickbacks from Zelensky

Over the weekend, Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike borrowed another $60 billion — $60,000,000,000 — to give to Ukraine, a nation known for pretty women and large bribes to the spawn of Biden, Pelosi and other DC scum.

World War III Watch: The Neocons Are At It Again!

I have said it before: There has been a whole lot of World War II thinking applied to the Russo-Ukraine War — or perhaps I should call it Russo-Ukraine War 2.0, considering Russia’s seizure and annexation of part of Ukraine in 2014 — with the logic that pushed the United Kingdom and France to declare war …

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Poking the Bear, by Ray DiLorenzo

  Europe Today For the last several years, the United States, along with NATO, has  been poking the Russian bear, apparently pushing for war with Russia. Why?   When Trump was president it was Russia, Russia, Russia.  When Democrats found that Trump was actually getting along with Putin, they became further enraged, even though Trump …

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NATO Changes Russia’s Role From “Strategic Partner” To “Immediate Threat” as Finland and Sweden Prepare to Join

As Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine continues, NATO is drawn deeper and deeper into the morass. While many NATO companies are supplying Ukraine with arms and equipment, the war is creating a change in the organization itself. Finland and Sweden, both with long histories of neutrality, have applied for membership in NATO. That action was …

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