The Unintended Consequences: The Decline of the National American Legion Air Rifle Program

The National American Legion Air Rifle Program has long been a beacon of excellence, offering young enthusiasts a chance to learn about firearm safety, marksmanship, and responsible gun ownership.

It’s Not the Guns!

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It’s Not the Guns! Photo Credit: Public Domain from the Swedish Army Museum via Wikipedia Many people blame the AR-15-style rifles (“AR-15” is a trademark of Colt, so to be an AR-15, it has to be Colt or an original ArmaLite) and the “modern” semi-automatic pistol for the rise in mass shootings, somehow believing that …

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National Firearms Act: Unconstitutional, Period!

What did the NFA really do? Did it prevent crime? Can you even give an answer to that question? Does it conflict with the literal meaning of the Second Amendment? How did it come to encompass so many other types and components of firearms? After its passing, in 1934, what effect did it have, and …

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