Peaceably Exercising Their First Amendment Rights

The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States guarantees to all of us both the freedom of speech and the right of peaceable assembly. With the truly idiotic pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas demonstrations which have broken out on college campuses, primarily in the more liberal areas, and the forcible resistance to them by college administrators, …

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Antisemitism not only sanctioned, but rewarded on many college campuses

College administrators across the country would be wise to follow the example set by Florida’s universities last week in dealing with the anti-Israel student protests on their own campuses. The Tallahassee Democrat reported that Florida State University campus police, citing FSU regulation 2.007, which “prohibits camping on university lands,” made students “take down a handful …

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Sheryl Sandberg’s documentary reveals what pro-Hamas protesters want you to forget

The most vile protesters of all are those who are well aware of the brutality perpetrated by members of Hamas and their Palestinian accomplices on that fateful day and call for the elimination of the Jewish state anyway.

As Jewish students fear for their safety, Biden has Michigan on his mind

Just as Kristallnacht was a seminal event in Adolf Hitler’s Germany, the recent explosion of antisemitic demonstrations on Ivy League campuses is a tipping point for President Joe Biden’s America. 

In New York City, the Savages Protest in Support of Savagery

When my good friend William Teach wrote, at 8:25 PM EST on Christmas Day, “What’s the over/under that the @nytimes doesn’t bother to cover this, despite being a NY paper? Maybe a tiny blurb on A25. If these were rioting Jews it would already be on the web front page,” I thought that surely, surely!, …

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