Is Social Justice the Liberal Equivalent of Rent-Seeking Behavior?

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The term rent-seeking is a derogatory term that implies companies and people seek to take more than they earn. It hearkens to some Marxist ideology as well. But, especially when combined with regulatory capture and bureaucratic corruption, is a valid concept. But what happens when the shoe is on the other foot and people and …

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Defending the Republic, Policy Domination

Defending the Republic: Scenario 2 Policy Domination   Defending the Republic, Part 1: Introduction provided a general introduction and an initial listing and description of the scenarios. The second part looked at the three variants of the Regulatory Capture scenario. Both asked why corporations are enacting social justice programs. The two blogs suggested that at …

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Defending the Republic: Scenario 1 Regulatory Capture

Defending the Republic: Scenario 1 Regulatory Capture In Defending the Republic, Part 1: Introduction, I listed three potential threat scenarios. The first, regulatory capture is playing out now. While it seems to be the least threatening scenario, that may be a bit of an illusion. The regulatory capture scenario has 3 sub-scenarios, depending on the …

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