Trump Has a Republican Problem

The public wants a winner. FJB and Republican senators are losers Philip Bump of the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post reported, “Why Biden is underperforming Democratic Senate candidates.” Of course he got the story bass-ackwards. He wouldn’t be at the Bezos Post if he got the story right. Biden isn’t underperforming. Republican senators and congressmen are. …

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Goldberg should have listened to Trump; People who say “from the river to the sea” during Passover aren’t playing around

Jonah Goldberg, the once rising star of American conservatism, has settled for a seat as yet another Republican Strategist on a cable news outlet.

GOP Leadership?

With each election cycle that passes, the Republican Party leadership shows itself ever more worthless. My involvement in politics has been, like most Americans, somewhat limited. I vote regularly, put out signs and stickers of candidates I support, and occasionally send donations in. Now until the late 2000s I would send an occasional donation to …

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Dear GOP; Breaking up is hard to do

Dear GOP, breaking up is hard to do (thank you, Mr. Sedaka). Most things, good or otherwise, eventually come to an end. I’d thought about softening the blow, dear GOP, trying to assuage your feelings by telling you that “it’s okay, it’s not you, it’s me”; but that wouldn’t be true. So, in all truth; “GOP, …

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If It Is Not Already Too Late

     Looking at who decides what, in our own party, and not just passing it off on election fraud, the Republican Party, which I am still proudly a member of, needs to do the following: recruit leaders, get consistent messaging, be confident, but not presumptuous in predicting outcomes and keep our heads in the same …

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