Good Cop, Bad Cop: The Future of the Joint Russia-China Declaration

REARRANGING THE WORLD ON RUSSIAN AND CHINESE TERMS On 4 February with great fanfare, communist China and Russia announced a new strategic partnership, as explained in their Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development, an English version of which was posted on the Kremlin’s official website here. …

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Putin’s Press Secretary Makes Stunning Admission in Extraordinarily Revealing Interview

The fighting in Ukraine has gone badly for the Russians. They hadn’t anticipated the resistance they would face from the Ukrainians, nor were they properly prepared for a long slog. But up until Thursday, the Kremlin had put on a brave face. At a March 25 news briefing, Sergei Rudskoi, the first deputy chief of …

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New Report: ‘Ukraine Making Big Gains Around Kyiv’ Over Last 48 Hours

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has begun making the case that the tide of the war is turning. It’s difficult to know if a shift has actually occurred or if he’s misrepresenting the situation so the West will keep the supply of weapons and supplies coming. In the last 24 to 48 hours, reports from both …

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Putin Calls In a Favor From the Belarusian President


Wednesday marks the 28th day of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ill-advised invasion of Ukraine. His high hopes for a quick victory have faded as the war appears to have reached a stalemate. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not reveal casualty numbers. However, for a six-hour period on Monday, the pro-Kremlin tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda, reported …

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Actually, Russian Cosmonauts Did NOT Wear Yellow and Blue Uniforms to Show Solidarity With Ukraine

Rumors began swirling through the western media on Friday after Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station wearing yellow and blue uniforms. The reports said they had chosen the colors to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s level of intolerance, this was considered to be an extremely …

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FSB Documents Allege Russian Invasion Derailed Xi’s Fall Plans to Takeover Taiwan

Might there be a silver lining to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Documents allegedly written by an FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, successor agency to the KGB) analyst claim that Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine has ended Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plans to make a run at Taiwan this fall, according to Fox News. …

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Biden’s had enough; He wants Americans to know the inflation that began a year ago is Putin’s fault

Addressing House Democrats at their Philadelphia retreat on Friday, Biden unleashed his anger on Americans who attribute our record high inflation rate to his administration’s excessive spending. “I’m sick of this stuff,” he railed, with his hands pointing toward his neck to show he’s had it up to “here” with being blamed for the sharp …

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Thoughts on Ukraine Part 11: New Equilibrium

Thoughts on Ukraine Part 11: New Equilibrium Figure New Equilibrium Issues The figure above starts as a section of the New Equilibrium portion of the Conceptual Framework developed in Part 1. I have added elements based on developments over the last week. As the central question mark shows, there is still a great deal of …

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Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 9: Impact on World’s Food

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 9: Impact on World’s Food Figure Sunflower Oil and Wheat are Two Key Ukrainian Food Exports One voice missing from the security discussions on Ukraine is food security. The agricultural community certainly understands it, and there is a lot of discussion. But history tells us that hunger is a powerful source …

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Polish Prime Minister’s Office: No, We WON’T Be Sending MiGs to Ukraine

During a Zoom call with members of Congress on Saturday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reiterated his requests for a no-fly zone, more harsh sanctions and additional lethal military aid. Specifically, he asked for Russian-made MiG29 fighter jets. Ukrainian pilots know how to operate these planes, he said. As far as NATO leaders, including President Joe …

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Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 8: Multi-Domain Operations

Part 8 looks at holistic approach to Multi-Domain Operations. These include the military, diplomatic, and financial measures countries and corporations are taking against Russia.

Perhaps a holistic statement of purpose could be “Ukrainian and NATO military operations disrupt and block Russian military aggression, provide sanctions and other financial measures time to create the conditions for change within Russia that will stop its aggression.”

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 7: The Joint Corporatist Scenario

Part 7 looks at the Joint Russia-China corporatist scenario. At what point would the differences rupture cooperation? In the event of a rupture, would one turn on the other? Could China buy up Russian companies and co-opt the interests of the kleptocrats or are their cultures and motives too dissimilar?
One thing is clear, there are stresses in the mix. Lukoil shines a spotlight on them.
Is Putin losing his grip if LukOil feels like they can criticize his strategy and call for an end to it?