Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 8: Multi-Domain Operations

Part 8 looks at holistic approach to Multi-Domain Operations. These include the military, diplomatic, and financial measures countries and corporations are taking against Russia.

Perhaps a holistic statement of purpose could be “Ukrainian and NATO military operations disrupt and block Russian military aggression, provide sanctions and other financial measures time to create the conditions for change within Russia that will stop its aggression.”


Hold the kleptocrats responsible

I think we also need to keep in mind the problems that a harsh peace settlement can create. The Treaty of Versailles created WWII. We certainly do not want that. We need to use WWII’s peace as an example. Our goal should be to incorporate Russia into the west as a responsible state with an effective government that embraces human and western values.
Therefore, I propose a different way to handle these war crimes. Separate the kleptocrats from the state. Prosecute the kleptocrats and use their considerable personal wealth to pay for the damage they inflicted in Ukraine. By most accounts, this is billions of dollars.

Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 1

Thoughts on Ukraine Figure Conceptual Framework for Russian Invasion of Ukraine I will be the first to admit that I really cannot understand Putin’s objectives and end state in Ukraine. I suspect that I am not alone in that regard. Listen to the news with the talking head experts and read the news and internet …

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