Supreme Court; Final Days of 2021 Term

The final days of the 2021 Term of the United States Supreme Court greatly pleased conservatives of all stripes. One unifying theme found through the 4 largely 6-3 decisions are not just that the lefties are big mad and super upset about the outcomes, but the Court is returning to the constitution’s history, text and …

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The Abortion Leak

This week Politico reported that a Leftist clerk within the Supreme Court leaked a pre-decisional document indicating that a majority of the Justices were prepared to overturn the infamous Rowe vs. Wade decision. Never in not-so-recent memory has such a pre-decisional document been leaked. We have now added the Supreme Court to the long list …

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Whites Need Not Apply

Segregation Jim Crow

“Coloreds Only” and “Whites Only” signs were prominently displayed throughout the old Democrat run Jim Crow South for decades, long ago.  The Civil Rights era deservedly ushered those signs into the proverbial ash heap of history, that is, until now.  Similar signs are now back in vogue among Democrats, especially around D.C. and particularly, the …

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