Challenging the Supreme Court’s Overreach: The Razor Wire Ruling and State Sovereignty

The recent Supreme Court decision to allow the removal of Texas’ border razor wire fencing, in a narrow 5-4 ruling, has sparked a significant debate about state rights and federal overreach, particularly in the context of border security. This decision not only challenges the principle of state sovereignty but also overlooks an essential constitutional provision: …

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United We Stand: A Call for Every State National Guard to Assist the Texas Border Crisis

Second Amendment

In the face of the ongoing border crisis in Texas, there is a pressing need for a unified response that reflects the true spirit of our constitutional republic.

7 States assert injury under Article III of the Constitution

These States argue for appellate court to uphold Doughty’s Injunction. Verbal arguments related to the appeal will be heard on August 10th, 2023. In a post on 𝕏 made by Tracy Beanz, she reported that conservative States had filed a Brief of Amicus Curiae, voicing their support for the temporary injunction Judge Doughty granted to …

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Restoring America Directive – Citizens Committee to Restore America

Edward L. Haugland, Ind. Consultant IC/DOD retired executive, in collaboration with LTG Thomas McInerney USAF (ret), MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (ret) (Founder – Stand Up America US Foundation) are sending this Restoring America Directive to all US Governors.  The Restore America Directive speaks to six specific actions on which we are requesting all …

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For Most Government Functions, Local Control is Best

Was it a miracle?

In the military and private sector, great managers realize that work should be handled directly by the group best suited to do the job.  Indeed, if any boss micromanages, that causes a moral issue within the workforce and severely hurts the efficiency of completing the task at hand.   The Framers of our government understood that axiom.  They …

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