Defeat the 2023 NDAA! by Republican South Dakota State Representative Taffy Howard

The 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has passed out of both the US Senate Armed Services Committee as well as the US House Armed Services Committee, and unless major changes are made, every Republican needs to vote against this bill.

Federalist 11 and 12

With Federalist 11, the emphasis switches from Madison’s discussion on the preservation of liberty from a democracy back to economics.  Hamilton believed that a new united republic would be in a better position to trade with Europe than would the individual states.  He anticipates the creation of a navy whose role would be to protect that trade.  …

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Philadelphia Councilwoman Jamie Gauthier doesn’t want her “Black and brown” constituents paying more in property taxes

One great thing about moving back to our home state of Kentucky from Pennsylvania: property taxes are much lower in the Bluegrass State! Property taxes on what was our home in Jim Thorpe are currently listed as $3,228 according to Zillow, while we paid slightly under $400 in property taxes on our current abode last …

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Public Servants or Just Parasites

Public Servant-Pixabay

I have a question. When did politicians and federal employees start calling themselves public servants? Even more importantly, why are we letting them? It’s almost as if they’re trying to claim the mantle of nobility for making a sacrifice in the public interest. But aside from members of the military (and I’m beginning to question …

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