Defending the Republic, Part 1

Defending The Republic, Part 1: Scenarios Over the last year, I’ve been thinking, researching, and writing (Corporatism Part 1, Part 2; Thoughts on Ukraine, Part 7: The Joint Corporatist Scenario, among others) a lot about corporatism. I’ve been searching for a reason why corporations are doing what they are doing with social justice agendas. Why …

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The Plague of Government Unions

It was actually a minor line in an article by Robert Stacy McCain about Democrats not accepting election results that didn’t go their way, but one I found very important: Government employee unions are a conspiracy against taxpayers, and when the people of Wisconsin elected (Scott) Walker to fight these unions, Democrats refused to accept …

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Teachers’ Unions and Critical Theories

The teachers; unions, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA) did not always support Critical Race Theory (CRT). It took several punctured equilibriums to make that happen. But they do now with a vengeance. 2015 had several key events that led to a punctured equilibrium that broke their path dependency.

Reconstructing History, Part 7: Conflict, History, and the Future

Social Justice movements do not try to re-construct American history because they do not like it. They do it to break the historical path dependency and set a new future based on their ideology. The questions are:
Do they have the power to completely break the path?
Will other forces counter-act them?