Somebody Please Wake Me From This Nightmare

When Biden became president America was on a solid footing, inflation was under control, we were energy independent, the price of gasoline was under $2.00, and things in America were great. Now most of that has been undone, and nothing is being done about it. This is like a nightmare in which you are terrified …

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Holding Biden Accountable

There has been a lot of talk in the past few months about holding the Biden Administration accountable.  The withdrawal from Afghanistan, the crisis at the border, the inflation with printing of trillions of dollars from thin air, the war on energy, with no more pipelines, no drilling on public lands, and the ending of …

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Bill Barr Mistakes Chaos for Disruption

Bill Barr inherited a very afflicted Department of Justice, in which the cancer had metastasized throughout all of its organs. His DOJ needed disruption, but he allowed it to continue unimpeded on its path of two-tiered justice and violation of the Constitution.