Bill Barr Mistakes Chaos for Disruption

Bill Barr inherited a very afflicted Department of Justice, in which the cancer had metastasized throughout all of its organs. His DOJ needed disruption, but he allowed it to continue unimpeded on its path of two-tiered justice and violation of the Constitution.

Smart Move for DeSantis? Support Donald Trump

If the prevailing winds continue, President Donald Trump will be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney. I’m not sure what the crime is. But that’s not important to Democrats Communists.  Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime ~Lavrentiy Beria – Stalin’s NKVD head  By all accounts, the Manhattan District Attorney is attempting to …

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How Will Trump Prevent 2020 from Happening Again?

President Trump

What Would Be the Next Global Crisis in Trump 2.0? “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” ~ 11th Commandment of President Ronald Reagan Greetings my fellow Americans! Okay, I’m going to set some ground rules here, both for myself and for those about whom I intend to write this installment for AFNN, …

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My View About Biden.

    My View About Biden. With all the usual trappings of what we still claim as a constitutional republic, maybe we do still have, maybe we don’t, I offer what I see as what we should have been doing all along, should be rigorously defending all those things that our Founders put in those two beautiful …

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This Year the Epidemic Seems to be the Discovery of Classified Documents in the Most Surprising and Unexpected Places Part 3

Release the Big Squirrels. Difficult to Focus on Russian Pipelines, UFOs, Chinese Balloons, Derailed Trains, Crack Head Sons with Classified: so Many Squirrels

The Case Against A Donald Trump Candidacy

Trump Wants You

Surprising absolutely no one, Donald Trump has declared himself a presidential candidate for the 2024 election. I wish it were not so, not because I believe Trump proved a bad president. He didn’t, and I voted for him twice.  I wish it were not so because I want Republicans to win in 2024 with a president …

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Why Pundits Keep Pitting DeSantis Against Trump

Ron DeSantis

There has been an ongoing trend on Twitter for the better part of a year where random political pundits will pit Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis against one another as if either has declared their intentions for 2024, and devoid of any consideration that there is a primary process involved in selecting the Republican nominee …

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