Tucker Carlson Trolls the Left Over Musk’s Purchase of Twitter – and It’s Glorious

Tucker Carlson sees Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter as the “single biggest political development” since the election of former President Donald Trump. And he’s not wrong. During his Monday night opening monologue, Carlson played a clip of the scene inside the company’s headquarters when the announcement of the deal was made. After showing viewers footage …

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Tucker Carlson Upset His Show Is Called ‘Organ of Russian Disinformation’ Really??

More recently, Tucker Carlson has been more vocal about Russian disinformation, and he did so when a new set of topics for discussion in the Kremlin once again prompted Russian reporters to quote the Fox Fox host. In this case, the Kremlin used more disinformation than Tucker Carlson to spread disinformation in Moscow.

Tucker Carlson Lampoons New Fawning Book that Compares AOC to Jesus, JFK

  “She offers the reassuring warmth of Oprah, the fire-and-brimstone of Jonathan Edwards; the inspiration of John F. Kennedy; the intimacy of an FDR fireside chat. It was exhausting and reassuring and scary and comforting and extremely weird.” This is an actual excerpt from a soon to be released book about “the greatness,” “the beauty,” …

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Persons Of The Year 2021

Rush Limbaugh, State of the Union Speech 2020

          The year 2021 was by no means the best year on record for our country.  Regardless, there were some stellar performances by Patriots trying to save our republic from regressive miscreants who are bent on turning our beautiful homeland into a run-of-the mill third worldish country, like so many failed …

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