Being Good At Predictions


To any thinking person, it should have become clear by now what is happening all over the world with the elite globalist, climate-change, save-the-environment crowd.  These criminals, these corrupt and immoral, God-hating, dregs of mankind are continually predicting calamity and then working diligently to make it all come about. We were warned repeatedly of an …

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The One-World-Government Folks Want to Subject the United States to the United Nations, When They Haven’t Gotten Their Way Under Our Laws

The one-world-government folks want to subject the United States to the United Nations, regardless of American law. From The Washington Post: Almost 200 rights groups call on U.N. to intervene over U.S. abortion access The U.S. cannot be a global champion of human rights when its own abortion rights are not protected, one activist group …

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