The Uvalde Police Department is the World’s Best Argument Against Gun Control

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Shortly after the Uvalde school shooting disaster, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, held a press conference praising the Uvalde Police Department (UPD) for their bravery and quick response. The next day, after the truth of what happened came out, he had to recant his praise and instead blast the UPD for their incompetence. Apparently, …

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Reflections on the Uvalde, Texas School Shooting, by Citizen Writer: Quentin Smith

It has been two weeks since an 18-year old boy, after shooting his grandmother in the face, fled to a Uvalde, Texas elementary school where he proceeded to murder 19 young school children, 8-11 years of age, and 2 elementary school teachers, before being killed by a responding Border Patrol Agent.

Uvalde, School Security, Good Shepherds and Sheepdogs

On Tuesday, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos hopped a fence and walked through an unlocked door into Robb Elementary School inĀ Uvalde, Texas. He was armed with two modern sporting rifles. At some point, he entered a classroom, locked the door, and killed two teachers and 19 students in that classroom and an adjoining classroom before a US …

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