Off The Battlefield: Leave No Soldier Behind

members of the AFF veterans shooting team and family on the range

“On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind.” -Dan Lipinski The wind whistles around her blonde hair as she sights in on her target. Tuning out the laughing chatter from the next stage, her …

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Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath

Veterans, It’s Time to Keep Your Oath. America Needs Its Veteran Population to Stand Up Now More Than Ever America is in danger. If the economic devastation and cultural decay over the decades is not enough, their acceleration under the Biden administration should concern all who value liberty. Add to this a dedicated plan to destroy …

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Ask Google and a Veteran the Importance of June 6, You’ll Get Two Radically Different Answers

One doesn’t have to be a history buff to understand the significance of June 6, the anniversary of the Allied liberation of Europe in 1944. The D-Day landings in Normandy, France, amounted to the largest amphibious assault ever executed in military history. It marked the start of the two-month-long Battle of Normandy and the eventual liberation …

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The Military Grace Notes of Winnie-The-Pooh

Winnie-The-Pooh was not written to explain shell shock to a son. (Photo by Ethan Imaap)

So, where did this Pooh-as-PTSD narrative begin? Apparently, a group of Canadian doctors, led by Sarah E. Shea, a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in pediatric behavioral medicine, wrote a paper in the Dec. 12, 2000 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal entitled “Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: a neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A. Milne.” The intent was to poke fun at her profession and to call attention to the ease by which psychologists labeled people, especially children, and then reflexively prescribed medication or a cocktail of medicines.