Israel Is Great, Militarily, But Let’s Tell the Truth Here: They Have Proven to Be Poor Conquerors.

That The New York Times is unabashedly liberal is of no surprise to anyone, but at least the Gray Lady does cover the news. My normal first read of newspapers is The Philadelphia Inquirer, which showed exactly one story concerning the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas, on the website main page. The Times …

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One Front: Two Wars

I wrote this piece the week after 9-11 in 2001. I’ve written over 1k pieces since then. This may be the best. Certainly prescient, even if DoD didn’t go for WW-T and went with GWOT (Global War on Terrorism). The first front of the World War against International Terrorism (WW-T), our American Homeland, is remarkably …

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Defending the Republic, Scenario 3: Takeover

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Defending the Republic, Scenario 3: Takeover This is the third and most dangerous scenario introduced in Part 1 of Defending the Republic. While it may directly manifest from the triggers discussed below, most likely it will flow from scenario 2: Policy Domination stimulated by the trigger(s). If scenario 3 happens and is successful, the US …

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War With China What Would It Look Like?


A war with China; There is no mistaking that China is aggressive.  They are spoiling for a fight, feeling their oats, so to speak.  They, like so many communist countries, are very much like your typical  organized crime syndicate, not out to defend their people, but closer to defending their hold on their territory and …

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World War III; Does It Matter?

I’ve been reading and viewing so much propaganda and speculation about the possibility of us already being in World War III, and about that Nordstream pipeline damage, and about Victoria Nuland and Bin’s(the Fetterman pronunciation) statements well in advance of that event, that I don’t believe it really matters, at this point. The left has …

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WARNING: China Poised to Invade Taiwan’s Offshore Islands

Quemoy and Matsu, officially known as the Kinmen and Lienchiang Counties respectively, are groups of islands located directly off the coast of mainland Communist China, but are under the administration of the Republic of China, Taiwan. In the Second Taiwan Strait Crisis, also called the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis, the People’s Republic of China shelled …

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