Small Town Life and Values: The Latest Target of the Woke Mob

Having grown up in two small Kansas towns, I guess I should be distraught and maybe remorseful. Why? Because when an award-winning Country-Western singer writes a song about life and values in America’s ubiquitous small towns and is immediately attacked and canceled, he must have done something wrong, right? Wrong! Actually, all Jason Aldean did …

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It’s A Cemetery, For Crying Out Loud!

Apparently it is the will of the United States Congress that, in the interests of sensitivity and inclusiveness, we go into our cemeteries, and then search for and remove items that might offend someone who’s not related by blood or heritage to anyone buried there.

Alma Womack on the Super Bowl

No, dear hearts, I did not watch the Super Bowl on Sunday for several reasons. One, I have no television service since I am battling Directv over canceling Newsmax. Two, I wouldn’t have watched it if I had three television satellite networks, because I promised myself when ol’ Capricorn, Kapernick, whatever, was kneeling and disrespecting …

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