Jill Biden Has COVID19 . . . Again

So, how many booster shots has she had, and on what schedule? What variant of SARS-CoV-2 did Jill Biden contract? Was Mrs Biden waiting on the mid-September release of the next variant of the booster? I guess that she should’ve masked up, the way the worry-warts and panic-stricken have been saying!

First lady Jill Biden tests positive for Covid-19

By Mary Kay Mallonee and Donald Judd, CNN | Updated 9:22 PM EDT, Labor Day, September 4, 2023 | Updated 7:26 AM EDT, Tuesday, September 5, 2023

“First lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday and is experiencing “mild symptoms,” the White House said. President Joe Biden has tested negative.

The diagnosis has upended the first lady’s plans to begin teaching the fall semester at Northern Virginia Community College on Tuesday. She is working with the school to “ensure her classes are covered by a substitute,” Vanessa Valdivia, the first lady’s spokesperson, said.

Dr. Biden, who remains at the family’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, typically teaches on Tuesday and Thursdays.

An administration official told CNN Monday that there are no changes to White House Covid protocols or to the president’s schedule at this time.

Last summer, the first lady tested positive for Covid-19 while vacationing in South Carolina in August. President Biden tested positive last July. Both experienced rebound cases shortly after being treated with Paxlovid.

Mrs Biden is 72 years old, which puts her in the high-risk group.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters in July in the White House briefing room that anyone who meets with the president is still tested for Covid-19 before their meeting after members of Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s delegation tested positive ahead of a bilateral meeting.

“We have testing protocols when – anytime somebody meets with the president,” Jean-Pierre said at the time. “So, I can tell you that anybody who meets with the president does indeed get tested. I do. We all do.”

So, despite just about every precaution, despite the best health care and preventative measures the best medical care system in the world can provide, the First Lady still contracted the Fauxi Flu? Could it possibly be that there are no preventative measures that amount to anything?

Now we get to something that we have previously pointed out, that despite the attempts to panic the population, COVID-19 infections are not at a very high level:

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data from earlier in the summer showed a slight increase in hospital admissions, emergency department visits, and positive Covid-19 tests – although not nearly as high as in past summers.

Overall, there were about four new hospital admissions for every 100,000 people nationwide in the week ending August 19, which is considered low, according to CDC thresholds. Seven counties had high levels of Covid-19 hospitalizations. But 117 counties — about 3.6% of the country — were in the medium threshold. About a quarter of those counties were in Florida.

Would that be the Sunshine State, with a significantly larger population of the elderly, the most vulnerable demographic?

The figures I used previously were from Pennsylvania, where there were 3.107 people per 100,000 population who had cases of COVID-19 serious enough to merit hospitalization.

A new variant, BA.2.86, has captured scientists’ attention because it’s highly mutated, but so far it’s only been detected in a small number of people globally. Nonetheless, “it doesn’t look good … in terms of the virus’ nonstop evolution,” Dr. Eric Topol, a cardiologist at the Scripps Research Translational Institute, said. The virus “keeps finding new ways to challenge humans, to find new hosts and repeat hosts, and it’s relentless.”

Supposedly, a new booster to target BA.2.86 — apparently we’ve gotten away from the Greek letters for variants, especially since we skipped Xi and went to Omicron, to avoid insulting Xi Jinping! — will be approved in the middle of this month, but, the internally linked CNN article stated:

SSI scientists stressed that it’s still too early to say anything about the severity or contagiousness of the new variant.

Translation: they don’t really know anything, not that it seems to matter when it comes to the attempts to spread panic.

I am not in any way saying don’t get a booster or don’t wear a mask; people should do that with which they are comfortable, should do what they choose to do. I am saying that Americans should not fall into a panic again, because panic is the means by which the authoritarians gain control.
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