With Muslim Patients, When Will Doctors Need Bodyguards?

Editor’s Note: American Free News Network would like to welcome Diane Gruber to our great team. Diane practiced law in the Portland, Oregon area for 34 years, and wrote a monthly legal column for two local newspapers from 2000-2006. After writing an Op-Ed for the Oregonian in March 2017, She received several invitations to write for online publications which she did for three and a half years. Like many of us, Diane started writing on Substack due to the massive censorship and the Biden Regime’s destruction of our country and our society. Diane and her husband currently split their time between Oysterville, WA and Custer, SD. Welcome aboard Diane!


The population of Germany is currently 83 million, of which almost 6 million (7+%) are Muslim immigrants. They started arriving in the 1990s. My long term hairdresser (1988-2020) was raised in Germany and went back often to visit relatives. Returning from each visit she would tell me how the major cities were getting worse & worse. Each trip back she would notice that Muslim no-go zones were more numerous and more dangerous. At some point, police stopped entering no-go zones because they knew they would be slaughtered.

The German government puts Muslim immigrants above German citizens when passing out government benefits. One example I remember her telling me: Muslim immigrants were allowed to move into government housing almost immediately, but Germans waited years. The Biden Regime is treating “newcomers” better than Americans, as well.

As the Biden Regime talks about importing hundreds of thousands of Hamas-supporting Muslims from Gaza, how long will it be before America’s major cities have no-go zones?



The following is a letter from a nurse practicing in Germany. Unfortunately, we don’t know the date. Every word is hers, except the titles, which I inserted:

“Mrs. Merkel opened the German borders to all migrants . . . There is now a price to pay for all of us! Yesterday at the hospital we had a meeting to decide how to handle a situation that has become unsustainable here, and in other hospitals in Munich. Clinics can no longer manage emergencies, so they start referring everything to hospitals.


Many Muslim migrants aggressively and sometimes violently refuse to be treated by female staff. And we, the nursing women, now refuse to take care of these people from Africa because we are afraid.  Relations between staff and migrants are going from bad to worse. Since last weekend, migrants arriving in our hospitals must be accompanied by the police with K-9 units.

Many migrants have AIDS, SYPHILIS, TUBERCULOSIS and many exotic diseases that we in Germany do not know how to treat. If they are given a prescription to go to the pharmacy, they refuse to pay for their medication. This leads to incredible violent reactions, especially when it comes to drugs for children. Some then abandon their children to the pharmacy staff with the injunction: “So treat them yourself.”

Thus, the police must not only secure clinics and hospitals, but also, now, pharmacies!


Where are all the “pseudo-humanists” who welcomed them in front of the television cameras, with large “Welcome” signs in the stations?  Right now, the border has been closed, but a million of them are already back here, and we certainly will not be able to integrate them properly, or send them home one day.

Consequently, my remark is not at all racist, but the number of unemployed will logically increase, and very quickly also it is the number of offenders that will increase in Germany. Until now, the number of unemployed in Germany was 2.2 million. So that figure will quickly rise to at least 3.5 million. Most of these people I see in our services, unfortunately, are men completely unfit for work. Only a very small minority have a minimum of education and training. 

Moreover, in most cases, if their women accompany them, they do not have the right to emancipate themselves, and to work . . . . And I estimate that about one in ten get pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of migrants have brought with them infants, and children under the age of six, many of whom are abused, and seriously ill.

And I also ask, where are all these people who receive them and welcome them in the railway stations? Sitting quietly in their homes? Taking advantage of their grants from non-profit associations? (!) and eager to see other trains [full of immigrants] arrive that will allow them to play their beautiful role of «welcoming» again, to justify their share of the subsidy cake. I would like to gather all these «welcoming» political activists and bring them here to the emergency department of our hospital, as nurses and caregivers, so that they discover the reality of things! And they should be assigned to the service of immigrants, so that they can look after them completely, without the help of the armed police, and without police dogs.

We would then see how long their «so-called humanist commitment» would last!  For my part, I say: enough!

If this continues, and Germany reopens its borders, I will return to live in the Czech Republic. No one can force me to continue working in Munich under these conditions. And I will be better off in the Czech Republic, even with half the salary. I wanted to come and work in Germany in a civilized and evolved country, not in a Muslim country, in Africa or in Arab countries.


Even the professor who runs our department told us how sad it was to see a German housekeeper, who has been cleaning the corridors, rooms and toilets every day for years for [only] EUR 800, despised and humiliated by the migrants in the hospital. Young migrant men who wait in the corridors, spit on the floor and on the walls, throw their rubbish on the ground, do their business in the nooks and crannies, insult female employees, and demand that everything be free, and when you want to enforce the rules, they become violent.

Faced with this unacceptable behavior, I find the German authorities too conciliatory, and I am certain that the Czech Republic would not accept such excesses and incivilities. No one who has not had the experience of being in contact with them, has the slightest idea of their savagery, and their disrespect. Especially Muslims from Africa, they behave with incredible arrogance and contempt, as if they were superior to our staff. And they consider their religious laws above all our regulations.


For now, the hospital staff has managed to avoid demotivation and contamination with all the diseases they have brought here, but with hundreds of migrant patients arriving every day, things can only end badly. In a hospital near the Rhine, the migrants attacked the staff with chairs and knives. They had brought an 8-month-old baby to the brink of death, which they had dragged across half of Europe for three months.

This baby, despite receiving the best care, eventually died. The staff were struck by family members. The doctor who had devoted himself to trying to save the baby, was seriously injured, and had to undergo surgery, and two nurses had to be placed in intensive care. None of the attackers were arrested or punished.^ The authorities prohibited the local press from writing a single article on this subject, as in France, so we were informed of these events by emails from our colleagues.*

What would have happened to a German if he had stabbed a doctor and nurses in a hospital? Or did he spill his own syphilis-infected urine on a nurse’s face?  At the very least, he would have gone straight to prison. But so far, nothing has been done about these migrant abusers. Why? 


Germany does not have the means to generously welcome and treat all the populations of Africa and the Middle East. In France it is worse! The pot is about to explode!”

Diane agrees! America does not have the means to generously welcome and treat all the populations of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Central America.

Hospital Systems Collapsing: Too Many Illegals

^This sounds like Biden’s Guests whom Democrats in sanctuary states & cities turned into “Super Citizens” who are above the law.

*Government censorship in France & Germany, which don’t have a Bill of Rights. The Deep State & the Biden Regime ignore the Bill of Rights because they know the courts are so corrupt they can violate Americans’ civil rights with impunity.

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  1. Obviously this is unsustainable in Europe, and certainly here in our beloved and ravaged USofA. The simple path forward:
    BORDER security, mass deportations and the fortitude to restore law, order and civility. The Progressive Left needs to be put asunder and existing laws and our core values put on the front burner, set to 11.
    Lord hear our prayer 🙏🇺🇸

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