The Coup Must Fail

I voted for Donald Trump twice, not because I’m a supporter, but because he was the best choice — twice. I recognize that like all of us he has flaws, but he also has a certain appeal – like the mission focus of a pissed off George Patton. There are times when that attitude is an essential leadership trait. But after the 2020 election, I was ready to move on. I felt that there were probably better options than Trump for 2024.

And then the Mar-a-Lago raid happened, and I made up my mind. Other Republicans, regardless of how qualified, need to wait until 2028. Trump needs to be reelected for the health of the republic.

There has been a coup d’état underway for 6 years. It started with a propaganda campaign to damage Trump’s public image. The Russian collusion scandal was a hoax made up by the MSM and the FBI. We’ve been gaslighted with numerous headlines that were simply false. Remember when the press reported that Trump said white supremacists were “very fine people”? That’s not what he said at all, and they knew it.

Next, the coup conspirators launched the Mueller special counsel investigation – to investigate Russian collusion. What we weren’t told at the time was that the special counsel was triggered by lies and leaks from James Comey. After years of investigation, and a constant flow of negative Trump leaks, Mueller and his radicals found no evidence of collusion. But they did publish a report suggesting that Trump may be guilty of obstruction, for claiming that he was innocent – of a crime that never happened.

Then the conspiracy moved on to actions to undercut Trump’s political support and legacy. They impeached him once for a phone call to the Ukraine. He didn’t commit any high crime or misdemeanor; he asked the Ukrainians to investigate the high crimes and misdemeanors of the Biden’s. But the Donald only did that after Joe went public bragging that he had extorted the Ukrainians to drop an investigation of Burisma, the company that was paying Hunter Biden $80K per month for his political influence – otherwise known as bribery.

Then the conspirators impeached him again, for telling his supporters to peacefully protest. The narrative was that exercising his 1st Amendment right was an act of insurrection. The Democrat run investigation presented no evidence of guilt and allowed no exculpatory evidence to be shown. The Dems just took a vote with a known preordained outcome.

Then the coup conspirators achieved a major milestone. Joe Biden was inaugurated. I didn’t say “elected” because we still don’t know that. We do know that there were enough illegally cast votes that we don’t know definitively who the citizens actually chose. There was sufficient ballot harvesting, FBI suppression of critical information, and illegally changed election rules to affect the ultimate outcome.

But the tainted election was only a milestone. It was not the end of the coup. No palace coup is finished until the king is either dead or exiled. And the Donald is still very much a player in American politics.

Which brings us to the Mar-a-Lago raid. We’re now at the panic stage of the coup. The conspirators haven’t consolidated their power and they’re seeing their victory slip through their fingers. The electorate is beginning to see that it was deceived, and Trump’s influence is growing. The January 6th committee prime time display of stupidity has only made it obvious to the public that there isn’t any there, there. All the committee has managed to do is get a couple more of the never-Trump Vichy booted from office.

Finally, Biden, through his ineptitude, has done his level best to sell the country on the notion that Trump would’ve been the better 2020 choice. Over 8 out of 10 Americans think the country in on the wrong track. Nationwide, more than a million Democrats have switched their party affiliation to Republican. More and more, those that voted for Biden don’t want to admit it.

So, the deep state has freaked out and concluded that coup operations must be completed before it all collapses. Donald Trump must be exiled – and fast. They called on the FBI. They’re counting on Merrick Garland and his band of thugs to:

  • Indict and arrest Trump
  • Try him before a fixed Washington, DC jury
  • Exile him to a federal penitentiary
  • Make Trump the forgotten president

Which all had to start with a fishing expedition at the former President’s home. They didn’t need to find evidence of a crime. They just needed something – planted of found – which could be twisted to appear improper. They just needed to give the rigged jury a plausible reason to reach the verdict which would already have been determined.

Does that sound far-fetched? It would have to me – 5 years ago. But after the FBI spent years investigating a crime they knew didn’t happen, suppressed a scandal leading up to an election, executed searches for the outrage of questioning the election, and raided a president’s home, it doesn’t sound very unlikely at all anymore.

And that’s why Trump must be reelected – to prevent the coup from succeeding – by putting the target of the coup back in office.

For patriotic Americans the notion of letting a coup succeed is unthinkable. It would be the end of American exceptionalism in the eyes of the world. We would no longer be different from any other country that’s just one military junta away from tyranny. We can prevent that from happening by defeating the conspirators. By reelecting Donald Trump, the government overthrow is defeated, and 2020 becomes just a lost battle in a war we eventually won. I can live with that.

There are certainly other Republicans who would make great presidents. Reelecting Trump is no slight on them, nor is it an endorsement of Trump personally. In fact, putting Trump back in the Oval Office is not about Donald Trump at all. It’s millions of Americans standing up and declaring that we are still in a self-governed country and no attempt to undermine that will be tolerated.

Once returned to office, there is one thing that Trump would be uniquely qualified to do – punish the deep state that tried to subvert the will of the people. With historic public support, and no future elections to win, Trump would be able to forego politics and go about the business of dispensing punishment. I recommend an across-the-board 20 percent budget cut for all federal departments. Make that 30 percent for the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and IRS. Call it the corruption penalty.

If 20 percent of federal employees actually lose their jobs, will those remaining be anxious to support another government takeover? I suspect not. None of them strike me as that ideologically committed to their cause. They’re happy to act up when there’s no personal risk. I don’t see many of them brave enough to do it when the livelihood of their families is at stake.

America cannot go down in history as having suffered a successful coup. That it was attempted is not an indictment of America, as long as it doesn’t succeed. Otherwise, we’re just another country among the world’s banana republics, that just happened to get lucky for 248 years.

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4 thoughts on “The Coup Must Fail”

  1. Up it to 25% and 50%, and now we’re talking. 🙂


    Also, make sure that none of them have pensions once their desks are cleaned out and mailed to them. And wherever possible hang Federal-felony paper on them.

  2. One thing is certain: if we don’t take our country back, by whatever means, the evidence is already in for the left’s desires, of which none are good.
    Their irrational desire for power and destruction will lead to them killing us off, if we don’t get them out of office, including another look, as the Jews got, during WWII, what irrational minds are capable of.

  3. Yes, good run down on events.
    Using standard methods, it’s 2 years away for sanity to return to the White House.
    Will we survive until then ?

    Midterms should allow for expediting changes. As I’ve written before, Biden must be gone by April at the latest. Harris will take over and she will fill her current spot. Then, if she doesn’t comply, take her out too. Then we’ll deal with the next one, and so on until sanity returns. Using standard written methods may suffice. Congress must do their job !

    If these measures don’t pan out, other methods will be required – sad if it comes to that, but need determines courses of action. Survival demands action. Other than allowing destruction’s continuance, which would be immoral and unethical, there’s no other rational choice. I’m pointing this out to inform others as to the seriousness of the situation and my determination, with others, to consider alternatives. Non-Violent Action is a realistic alternative force multiplier.

    If Biden gets his nuclear war, then all is fair game, that’s if we’re still alive.
    War Pigs by Black Sabbath says it all to the insanity of others.


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