In Which Nation Do You Want To Live?

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With all the issues in this Nation, why do not people leave? The Progressives are quick to say that we have only negative rights in our Constitution, versus the positive rights in the South African Constitution, yet no one wants to move. We have racism, but people of all colors keep coming across our borders and no one leaves. Is it a planned invasion, or does the common man, the downtrodden man, see the promise of this Nation? Are we headed for disaster or do people understand the quest for freedom, opportunity and personal respect?

Since the beginning of this Nation, even when there were only 13 individual colonies, people trekked to this Nation. This Nation was built on the backs of immigrants all searching for one thing, a dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In a little over 400-years, this Nation developed its own mystic, one based on God-given rights, equality, and hard work. Where other Nations celebrate their national cuisine, the only truly American food, the hamburger, was created so that working Americans, immigrants from all over the world, could grab a quick lunch. And the people keep pouring in.

Today, there are many subversive people teaching critical race theory, a satanic cancerous theology, yet people are staying. So many dissatisfied people are teaching equity versus hard work. We are told that white supremacy is the reason why this Nation is so flawed, why no one can achieve equity, why all avenues of diversity are shut down.

Really? Is that true? Does Venezuela have white supremacy? NO. What about Cuba? NO. What about Mexico? NO. Perhaps Afghanistan has white supremacy rampant across the poppy fields? NO. How about China, is there white supremacy? NO.

If most of the Nations in the world do not have white supremacy, why are they so flawed and inferior to this Nation? Why are the people within those Nations abused, ignored and worked as slaves for the non-white ruling class? Why do people from those Nations risk life and limb to travel to this Nation, the Nation of white people? It just does not make any sense. And here I thought that white supremacy was the root of all evil. Yet people from around the world are attracted to this Nation, like iron to a magnet, which has resulted in the most diverse Nation in the history of mankind, where excellence is rewarded!

When my daughters were in high school and the early years of college, they complained about the lack of opportunity and equality for women across this Nation. They complained that women were treated unfairly, there was a wage gap, and on and on. “This country is terrible! We do not make the same money.” And the rant continued. I finally offered to send them to South Korea for 6 months, then Saudi Arabia and then Mexico. They did their research about those Nations, looked at the manner in the way women were treated. A miracle happened, they decided to stay in the United States!

So, in which Nation do you want to live? In almost any other country of color, people revolting against the government, as they do in Portland, Chicago and other cities on a nightly basis, would be murdered on the spot. Look at what happened in Tiananmen Square in China. Most countries do not have the tolerance for anarchists, and neither should we. But, in this Nation, we do not murder anarchists. Instead, we should curtail unlawful activities, while providing all the guarantees of equality under the Law.

In which country do you want to live? In the story of James Armistead, it was pointed out that Benedict Arnold was never given the stature by the British that he had with the Americans. The British did not trust him, for he betrayed the Nation in which he was born. Do the owners and directors of CNN, ABC, MSNBC really believe that a foreign adversary would place them in a critical position of power when they have betrayed the Nation that provided the freedom to achieve what they achieved? I do not think so.

To which Nation do you want to move? Do the protestors, race baiters and marxists realize that if they succeed in the counter-revolution within this Nation, this Nation will be like Cuba, Venezuela and all the other marxist Nations. I suspect that the pawns are useless, but the leaders, they recognize that in a tyrannical Nation, there are two classes: those with nothing and those with everything.

Look at Saudi Arabia – do you want that existence, where one can watch people burned to death or stoned to death? How about Iraq, Iran, Turkey? In Russia, political opponents are merely poisoned. In Cuba, they are shot and recently in Venezuela, they are simply starved. Yet, we are surrounded by idiots, educated by progressive socialists who believe in the utopian lifestyle existing in Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. But that lifestyle does not exist!! Wake up!

The administration has asked the United Nations to look at the racism within this Nation. Of the 199 Nations, are there any Nations that have the diversity in color, religion or ethnic groups which exists in the United States? What experience does the elite of the United Nations have in recognizing racism, when they live in Nations that have only one Crayola in the cartoon?

In which Nation do you want to live? Just remember that once the lights go out, the lights stay out. If we destroy the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the heart and soul of this Nation, there is no returning to what we understand. Without the moral compass of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without the goal of a more perfect union so that we can pass the blessings of liberty to our children, we are like every other Nation on earth.

This Nation has conquered many adversities due to the vision and wisdom of the Founders and her immigrants. The end of slavery, the creation of women’s rights, equality under the Law; all are due to the Founding Principles of this Nation, a Nation continually searching for ways to improve. And the people from around the world see the blessings that so many of us take for granted or ignore.

So, in what Nation do you want to live? Personally, I will stay in this Nation, I love this Nation, but I do want to escape Massachusetts.

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1 thought on “In Which Nation Do You Want To Live?”

  1. While the progressives are quick to say we only have negative rights, they are mistaken, and are trying to undermine what our Constitution actually says.
    It is the government that has those “negative rights” because that is the way the Constitution was intended, to protect the individual from excess government, which it is being shown that government has found a way to override said rights, unconstitutionally.

    If anyone should be leaving this country, it is the progressive, by hook or by crook. We have allowed this overreach, far too long, and need to put our feet down.


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