Memorial Day Message by Adam Selene

Memorial Day. The official start of summer here in these United States. Like retired Army Colonel Buck Surdu, I have mixed emotions on this what should be somber day. You can read his thoughts here: Thoughts on Memorial Day

Like everyone else in these United States, I am very glad to see summer arrive and at least in conservative states, the relaxation of many of the downright draconian affronts to personal liberty that came as a result of the arrival of the Wuhan China Virus on our shores. It is indeed wonderful to see so many Americans out and about with their families and smiles of joy at this partial  release from imprisonment. Is especially nice as an old man, to hear the shrieks of laughter as young children enjoy this first day of summer, hopefully without a care in the world.

As Colonel Surdu rightly points out, all of this joy, as frequently happens over Christmas, can sometimes drown out the “reason for the season.” As we know, Christmas and Easter are a story about “grace,” God’s grace, God sent his only begotten Son to die that we might have eternal life. In one sense, Memorial Day could also be considered about grace. There is even a biblical touch point. As spoken by Jesus as he explained what his ultimate and terrifying to him, destiny was to his disciples,


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

–John 15:13

On Memorial Day we honor those who gave their lives for their friends, not just in the foxhole beside them, but their fellow American citizens, only a very few of whom they would ever know. This is an act of grace if I ever heard of one outside the Bible. These valiant men and more than a few women, asked nothing of their fellow Americans. They sallied forth with youthful enthusiasm and and a mature determination far beyond their years. They died on foreign shores so the evil they fought would never arrive here.

Grace cannot be earned or paid for by the recipient. That’s why it’s called, “grace.” Still, a decent human being would when given a bountiful gift such as the liberty and opportunity we have here, be grateful for that gift. He might show that gratitude by doing his part to prevent this land from becoming that which our fallen heroes fought against.

As Memorial Day weekend draws to a close this year, do enjoy time with your family and revel in the blessings of liberty. At the same time, today and throughout the year, try and be worthy of the sacrifices others have made on your behalf. Do your part to keep these United States from becoming what these brave men and women fought against.


Never Forget


Adam Selene

Editor Emeritus




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