Land of the Free: Home of the Brave

Memorial Day each year is a time of reflection and remembrance. My unit in Germany kicked the day off with an oh-dark-thirty brigade torch run out in our Local Training Area that was sure to rile the natives, although the Germans in Northern Germany- who had suffered not only Russian occupation/interactions, but also British-were still thankful to be west of East Germany, as it wasn’t that long ago to them-and they loved everything about our presence. Our brigade run culminated in Reveille and a bag-pipe rendition of Amazing Grace, followed by a prayer breakfast and brunch at the club. It was a day off to spend with family with the first seven hours or so purposeful, somber and heartfelt. Nobody serving in Germany (that I knew) was unclear why we were there or what we were doing.

I mention the above because in contrast to my Germany experience-or even tours and time in Korea, any thinking person with any cranial housing group activity whatsoever who is paying attention to recent headlines in America has got to be wondering where this great experiment is heading. At some point over the last month a thought took hold of me that I could not shake: this is not what we served, fought and sacrificed for….

We fought for freedom of speech, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, the right to protect yourself/family/loved ones, community-against a tyrannical government. For the constitution and the rule of law in a country where it means something whether you are Joe poop the rag man or some type of political class special elitist. The “good for the gander” rule.

Granted we fought for everybody, smart, genius, common, the simple, crazy, stupid, dumb, ignorant-with a sense of justice, righteousness and certainty-a belief that good endures and wins the day in the end, notwithstanding that it sometimes takes time. We served overseas and we saw how other countries and people live, how communist and socialist governments take care of their elite while the people suffer in abject poverty, with no hope for the generations that follow except for the possibility of escaping to America. Studying and teaching their children English to be ready if and when the opportunity came for them to make the “great break.” From many standpoints captive in their own countries under conditions not unlike being in some giant gulag or concentration camp.

We served overseas and also in America-often bemused by local, community or state politics that ranged from leftist, socialist leaning (California) to traditional, conservative, old school (Texas-but increasingly un-Texas Austin) and everything in between. Our adopted town in little Copperas Cove, Texas by Ft. Hood still had so-called “Blue Laws” during our tour, so you could not buy playing cards, liquor, diapers or a number of somewhat odd and arbitrary things on Sunday. We were somewhat guests there, just visiting and if you disagreed with the community rules you could shop on post or in Killeen if you needed something you couldn’t buy in town: we never gave a second thought about it and its not like it was so burdensome that it was worth stewing about.

During a tour in Arizona, we witnessed somewhat of a delaminating of entire communities through hysterical propaganda, lies, religious bigotry and racial hysteria. It was like a pre-social media dry run or poster child exemplar for the LMSBTG* later efforts to enable left leaning, unpopular elements of the population to inflict their dogma and out of the mainstream views on a majority that was slow to awaken and reticent to invoke the courts until it became apparent it was the only recourse, given the propensity of the courts to find a way to overturn the will of the people, even when expressed through ballot initiatives. Governor Evan Meacham was impeached during our time there, but it is difficult to ferret out the reason for it amongst the hysterical hyperbole associated with his time that has now been spun into horrific propaganda tales of the left.

The biggest angst against Meacham came from charges of racism in a state that was almost 60% white, ~3% black and ~27% Hispanic with one of the largest Indian populations in the US. Much of his problem stemmed from his tendency to make ill-considered statements to often “gotcha” questions without thinking through how some of those soundbites would come across when parsed and used in or out of context by a growing list of enemies in and around metropolitan Phoenix and the LSMBTG. What seemed to be the final straw was angst over the Martin-Luther King holiday issue. Simply put the legislature gave Arizonans a binary, take it or leave it choice-to replace Columbus Day with an MLK holiday, or nothing at all. The voters opted for nothing at all. The outgoing Governor signed an MLK Day into law by executive fiat as he left office: Meacham undid that illegal act upon assuming office: It all went downhill from there.

We had just returned from four years in Germany and were astounded to see the legislature attempt to force this down the voter’s throats through a Hobson’s choice-failing spectacularly, making themselves and their constituents look bad in the process, only to encourage a willing lame duck governor to ignore and override the will of the people. Meacham’s righteous action was absolutely correct in abiding by the will of the voters: but that was not good enough for the pundits, LSMBTG nor Meacham haters-which seemed to grow by the day for seemingly inexplicable reasons. Meacham was Trump before Trump, with the entirety of the LSMBTG having “it in” for him, although he was somewhat of a mild-mannered librarian-type compared to the bombastic Trump. 1988 was also the year Arizona voted on Referendum 106 to make English the official language of Arizona, which passed by the narrowest margin of 50.5 to 49.5%.

There were strange dynamics going on in a state that had often done crass, political things (State Capital debacle, Phoenix Cardinal gafoonery-stories for another time) and was in the midst of a below the noise line illegal immigration crisis that was bad and getting worse by the week.

Back to our topic-the contrast between the day-to-day existence overseas in even these so-called democratic countries-and what Americans experience every day is so stark as to be nearly unbelievable. The abundance available in the normal US grocery or convenience store would not be believed in these countries where propaganda remains a tool to keep a sense of grudging acceptance of the government alive and to feed narratives of rampant evil, decadence and abuse in the west.

Many in the US-a majority-preponderance-more than half-have somehow grown up in this great country and yet-disregarding their own eyes and experience-have apparently been fed and believe a narrative that these pitiable countries are not as bad as those of us who served close by-studied them for decades-traveled through them-believe. Which is somewhat odd that our youngest generations are somehow growing up believing there is some utopian goodness in these societies that many of us have somehow missed, overlooked or flippantly dismissed because of some “ism.”

As late as the fall of the Berlin Wall 9 November 1989 and later the evil empire itself you could travel through the Berlin Corridor-the only approved transit point for the west to reach Berlin-because the Soviet Union had basically enslaved what became known as East Germany after World War II and never relented of that control-and still see buildings-facades-that had never been repaired since the war. Whether punishment, a reminder of the German culpability-whatever the reason-these remnants and ghosts of the war stood in stark contrast to West Germany and the freedoms enjoyed by those fortunate enough to have been in the west when the “iron curtain fell” over the same time period. Why didn’t the west inflict the same manner of control, punishment, stark reminders of culpability by leaving destroyed buildings destroyed like some kind of museum-like memorial?

Similarly in Korea the Peace Village or Potemkin Village just north of the Demilitarized Zone is an idyllic, story-book like place where workers work during the day and the lights go out at night much like when Freddy Flintstone rolls off his dinosaur when the whistle blows and punches out. The nighttime view of the Hermit Kingdom provides an undeniable contrast between North and South Korea, with the north resembling a barely or uninhabited region at night in comparison to neighbors and particularly the south.

Some may look at this contrast (above) and think the south should do more to share prosperity and wealth with the north: that is a bona fide crap sandwich like any other simplistic view that believes that giving people stuff helps them out and will make their lives better-while assuaging somehow some sense of guilt over our own “largesse.” How have millions of citizens settled for this existence since the Korean War? What is preventing the north from opening up free trade, commerce and travel with the south? When I look at this contrast between north and south I’m reminded of how we used nighttime sensors such as radar and Moving Target Indicator to find tunnels and military facilities following the cues and clues that anything moving at night was suspicious.

Where I am going with this is we have a number of problems and issues that remained somewhat latent and far left bizarro world tales in the last century but have somehow emerged into near legitimacy of late with propaganda from groups like Planned Parenthood, abortion zealots and the LGBTQMOUSE crowd. One particular controversy gained credence when Supreme Court nominee Jackson was unwilling to provide a definition of a woman-which she has extensive knowledge and experience about-because she “wasn’t a biologist.” So she emerged out of the pack as a leading candidate yet was unable to answer a simple question that any kid could handle. In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee as reported by The Blaze, an abortion activist was asked the same question and replied: “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves,” she said. Bishop then followed up by asking, “Do you believe then that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” Arrambide didn’t skip a beat, confidently answering, “Yes.”

While some pushed back on this answer, there was not unanimous condemnation, and many took issue with congressional members who pointed out how ignorant that answer was. Many took the route of the leftist tactic about “republican’s pounce,” deriding this as an isolated incident, yaba, daba, doo. But then comes this regional North Carolina report where a pre-school class was shown flashcards depicting a pregnant man. It seems of late our elected officials are great representatives for constituents who in many cases are ignorant of the facts and dogmatic about pushing propaganda and sneaky and silly ideas that should be stomped out and eliminated whenever discovered. Far worse is when they (politicians) contribute to the ignorance and fail to call this stupidity out and show leadership.

Leadership starts at the top and that is a big part of the problem today. Our elected officials-representatives-should be calling this stupid stuff out whenever and wherever it is encountered. But when a president surrounds themselves with stooges and sycophants-tools of the left-in his own image, we should expect no less of the political crowd and their loyal servants in the LSMBTG* to lead the band with just plain ignorant commentary. The leader of the free world specializes in seemingly off-the-cuff dumb and callous remarks that are also insulting and juvenile.

The excuse by many is it is just Lunch Bucket Joe speaking off the cuff, often followed by explanations from the white house on social media explaining what the president “meant to say” through his inarticulate remarks. These are Biden’s comments after the most recent tragedy in Uvalde Texas:

President Joe Biden suggested Thursday that Americans were purchasing guns like AR-15s for the sake of killing people.

“What in God’s name do you need an assault weapon for except to kill someone?” he asked during his speech reacting to the school shooting in Texas.

The president repeated his talking point that owners of “assault” weapons like an AR-15 did not need them for hunting unless the deer were wearing “Kevlar” body armor.

“It’s just sick,” Biden concluded.

There are so many things wrong with his insulting comments that it begs the question of what he is trying to achieve or do by basically insulting most gun owners, but in particular the 20 million or so that own modern sporting rifles-semi-automatic weapons-that his leftist political party would like to categorize by the false narrative of “an assault weapon?

Has anyone ever considered giving up their automobile because a drunk driver killed somebody? How about alcohol? If not, why not? The answer is because it would put a “stupid” label on you that would never leave-just a silly, crass, stupid and useless gesture. But-really-did you consider-even for a second-did it ever occur to you-to give up your car after the callous, likely racist attack in Waukesha? Six people killed, 62 injured-as young as 8-years old-who were celebrating Christmas in their community. Biden didn’t go to Waukesha-it did not fit the WH narrative.

Not to make more of it than is there but ignoring his comments and actions or dismissing them is how we get to the “ignorance is bliss” commentary. Biden and his leftist, socialist administration and the LSMBTG (same-same) think we the people are stupid, gullible, don’t notice these things-or they just don’t give two poops what those who don’t think like them think.

How could I/we not take offense at his statement that I/we bought an AR-15 to kill people? Is it a greater problem that our president is a liar, aggrandizer, or idjiot who continuously says dumb things, or the fact that our elected officials are reticent to defend their constituents against these stupid statements?

Nobody asked but as a rancher with animals and predators I have a lot of reasons for owning weapons and they all come under the category of “none ya:” but basically the biggest reason is-go fluff yourself-it’s really nobody’s business.

The president owes 20 million owners of “sports/hunting rifles” an apology for making such stupid, insulting comments. Our elected representatives need to carry that message to him.

But he is apparently on a roll with the twin themes he has been known for throughout his political career-making stuff up and lying it into a story. This Red State article addresses the latest-Biden-doozy:

“The .22 caliber bullet will lodge in the lungs and we can get it out,” Biden claimed a doctor told him. “A 9 mm bullet blows the lung out of the body. The idea of a high caliber weapon, there is no rationale for it in terms of self-protection, hunting.”

The .22 caliber is so ubiquitous in America that it still routinely accounts for the most deaths of any bullet caliber, although the 9mm has been adopted as the de facto standard by most law enforcement agencies and military. Ballistics experts will be hard pressed to support a silly notion of any pistol or rifle caliber bullet “blowing the lung out of a body.” Biden’s comments about high caliber weapons have nothing to do with these two bullets but more relate to a clumsy and transparent movement to take all guns and the right to own them away from American citizens.

Ignorance and illiteracy in the anti-gun crowd is not new, novel or subtle. It is somewhat like fashion, re-emerging each time one of these tragedies unfolds where some misfit in society slips through the system and propagates these horrific murders.

There are a lot of inconvenient facts that are not brought up in these discussions. One of the biggest is the simple fact that most murders don’t involve guns. You know what else most don’t involve: White Supremacists, the so-called scourge brought up by Lesko that accounts for less than 9% of murders. Since he is attributing this commentary to a doctor, we have the choice of believing that the president knows some doctors who don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground, or that he is not smart or savvy enough to call BS when he hears it: and he knows most of his constituents and the LSMBTG (1) don’t know any better (2) won’t call him on it.

To double down-or triple down in this case-the president has revived and continued repeating a lie he seems very fond of about cannon ownership in the early days of the republic. He already last June received the ultimate in proverbial friendly fire in the form of four Pinocchio’s for this Biden-doozy.

Finally, the above also ignores two other inconvenient facts. One is the continuing violence and murder in democrat cities like Chicago, Baltimore, New York City and Philadelphia, where gun control is among the strongest in the nation-and yet is doing little to no good-and they have corresponding abysmal murder case closure rates. The other is “Biden’s “guns first” approach ignores a basic fact – over 92% of violent crimes in America do not involve firearms.

I’ve run long, but I’ll close with a quote (out of an American Thinker Article) from one of our distinguished senators who has been in office far too long: We have federal regulations and state laws that prohibit hunting ducks with more than three rounds. And yet it’s legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round, even 150-round magazines.

As the author rightly points out: What? Hunting humans is not legal. The only legal way to kill humans is via abortion, which she unequivocally supports.

Max Dribbler

2 June 2022

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2 thoughts on “Land of the Free: Home of the Brave”

  1. I think you didn’t run long enough. Enjoyable read, and I share the same sentiments as you.

    However, “President Joe Biden suggested Thursday that Americans were purchasing guns like AR-15s for the sake of killing people.” As usual, a buffoonish president got up and made his usual rant. What he fails to understand, or even agree with, is the fact that all those AR-15s were, and still are being purchased for exactly the reason he said, just in the entirely wrong direction. They aren’t being purchased to kill children, or steal from others, but to protect us from the evil who wish to do harm or kill my family, my neighbors and my community from government.
    Make no mistake, when Joe says something that almost sounds coherent, he occasionally lets a part truth out, just that he won’t admit what his real goals are, to control us, like he is God. A tyrant occasionally lets stuff slip out, and Joe(or Barack) are very good at that, too.

  2. Giving up your arms to fight violent crime is like taking a meatcleaver to your manparts to fight rape.


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