CVFC PAC: Biden Hiding Comprehensive Plan to RIG and Steal The 2022 Mid-Terms

This is an editorial from the Combat Veterans for Congress Political Action Committee that opines on the Democrats’ plan to steal the 2022 mid-terms, which is the only way they can hold Congress in November. It is posted here with permission of the author. CVFC PAC supports the election of US military combat veterans to the US Senate and House of Representatives. Their cause is righteous, and generous donations are welcome at the link at the end. Note: I am on the PAC’s board of directors in the capacity of Director of Congressional and Public Relations.

The editorial begins:

The results of a Monmouth Poll taken of Americans indicate that 88% believe the US is headed in the wrong direction. American voters are openly asking why the Biden/Obama administration has not made a mid-course correction, like President Clinton did so in his first Mid-Term Congressional Election. President Clinton shifted his leftist policies to more moderate policies, so he could save his administration from a devastating Congressional defeat in his first Mid-Term Election following his election. 

The media establishment and Socialist Democrats running for re-election are wondering why the Biden/Obama administration is still allowing 8,000 Illegal Aliens/day from 161 countries to invade the United States with no inspection or processing. The Biden/Obama administration’s intentional lax border security is allowing thousands of MS-13 gang members to slip thru the wide-open border and has been allowing an unknown number of terrorists listed on Terrorist Watch List to also slip thru—-however 70 terrorists on the Terrorist Watch List have been intercepted and have been captured. 

It is a continuing criminal act by the Biden/Obama administration to have allowed a 4000 % increase in the smuggling of fentanyl from Communist China to flood across the wide-open southern border; fentanyl has been killing 300 of America’s youth each day. Why has the Biden/Obama administration continued to spend over $5.7 trillion in their the out-of-control spending policies that have driven inflation to the highest level in 40 years, and driven food prices to a 43 year high? Why has the Biden/Obama administration eliminated America’s energy independence by cancelling US oil and natural gas recovery while instituting oppressive regulations that spiked the cost of gas at the pump from $1.84/gal to the highest level in US History, in many locations in California to over $7.00. 

Why has the Biden/Obama administration been making the nation vulnerable to a military attack from Communist China, by dangerously and recklessly depleting the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve to its lowest level in 48 years. At the same time the Biden/Obama administration destroyed US military Combat Effectiveness and Unit Cohesiveness with destructive woke and LGBT policies; no longer is there a fitness test for all military personnel; women, transgender personnel, and overweight personnel don’t have to take an annual fitness test to be retained on active duty. 

The reason there is no mid-course correction by the Biden/Obama administration is because it has developed a comprehensive plan to rig and steal the 2022 Mid-Term Congressional election, as outlined in the Biden/Obama administration’s March 2021 Executive Order supposedly designed to “promote voting rights”; the comprehensive plan is further outlined in this research article written by investigative journalist, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway, the Editor-in-Chief of The Federalist, and a Senior Journalism Fellow at Hillsdale College.   

The plan to RIG the 2022 Mid-Term Congressional Election excerpted from the article includes, but is not limited to:

  • The takeover of The Election Administration by the Biden/Obama administration; Independent researchers have shown the effect of this takeover of government election offices was extremely partisan and favored Democrats overwhelmingly. 
  • Orders to all 600 Federal Agencies to “expand citizens” opportunities to register to vote and to participate in the electoral process; the Hatch Act adopted in 1939, bans bureaucrats and bureaucracies from being involved in election activities.
  • The Department of Labor has boasted of turning 2,300 American Job Centers into “voter outreach” centers, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is doing the same with “thousands of health care facilities.”
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development told public housing officials to run voter registration drives, even though they previously were barred because they get federal money.
  • Department of Education sent “dear colleague” letters to universities, telling them that Federal Work Study funds could now be used to support voter registration activities, contrary to previous guidance.  The change was made without having gone through any rulemaking process to allow the change. 
  • The Department of Agriculture is using “child nutrition programs” to push voter registration.

Since the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Arizona to block an Arizona State Law requiring voters to show proof of citizenship before being able to cast their ballots in a federal election; it obvious that the Biden/Obama administration wants Illegal Aliens to be able to vote in the 2022 Mid-Term Congressional Election.

It appears the estimated 5 million Illegal Aliens and “Get Aways” that have been allowed to invade the United States by the Biden/Obama administration over the last 21 months, and the 20 million Illegal Aliens already residing in the United States are the targets to be illegally registered to vote by the Biden/Obama administration in their plan to Rig and Steal the 2022 Mid-Term Congressional Election. Registering Illegal Aliens or any voters by Federal Agencies is in violation of US Federal Election Laws and in violation of The Hatch Act. According to US Federal Election Laws, registering voters is “only” a state function, and is not an authorized federal function.

Another massive “Voter Fraud” plan funded by George Soros is well underway and is being executed by the Socialist Democrats, Marxists, and the Biden/Obama administration with an aggressive intent to Rig and Steal the 2022 Mid-Term Election, and the out-of-control US Department of Justice and the FBI are doing nothing to prevent it.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

CAPT, USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108


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3 thoughts on “CVFC PAC: Biden Hiding Comprehensive Plan to RIG and Steal The 2022 Mid-Terms”

  1. Another massive “Voter Fraud” plan funded by George Soros is well underway and is being executed by the Socialist Democrats, Marxists, and the Biden/Obama administration with an aggressive intent to Rig and Steal the 2022 Mid-Term Election, and the out-of-control US Department of Justice and the FBI are doing nothing to prevent it.

    So… who is doing something about it?

    • You can be CERTAIN that the ONLY agency with a MANDATE to ‘do something about it’; the so-called Department of ‘Justice’, is doing exactly the OPPOSITE. The execrable Merrick Garland and his pet butt remora, Christopher Wray, are aiding and abetting the ongoing and ever expanding violations of The Hatch Act by the federal bureaucracy. The Leviathan has overtaken the elected branches and, like the legendary Skynet in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator films. If they are allowed to get away with this then we may have, in all seriousness, reached that fabled ‘Tipping Point’. We must not allow this to continue.

      Ever since the impeachment of Andrew Johnson the Democrat Party, when in power, has sought to expand the power of the federal government and, when OUT of power, sought to DESTROY the Republican Party. In the early 20th century, Republicans began to join hands with the Democrats in the expansion of the Federal Government and now, in the 21st century, we are reaping that whirlwind. If we do not reverse the trend of the ever-expanding universe of federal power then it will consume us all.

      All patriots, most especially any of those entertaining a third-party effort to elect candidates who are not part of the Uni-Party; the cabal of Republicans and Democrats that include the likes of Mitch McConnell, Asa Hutchinson, John Cornyn and other high-profile Republicans, should recognize that running third party efforts in a general election is a Time-Tested and Proven method of ENSURING Democrat Victories in those elections. It is the reason, for example, that the name Stacy Abrams has any newsworthiness whatsoever. Had there been no Libertarian candidate in the race against Brian Kemp, Stacy Abrams would simply be just another failed, radical, left-wing, race-baiting Democrat hack.

      She’s all that, of course, but her name recognition comes from the fact that the split conservative vote came close to creating a runoff situation for Kemp against Abrams; a contest that she would have lost by an even wider margin, but that she has managed to turn into some kind of claim for having nearly defeated Kemp but for his machinations when he was Secretary of State of Georgia. The point being Vote for The Conservative in the Primaries but vote for The Republican in the General. Don’t squander your vote on a third-party effort that will only tilt the election in favor of the Democrat in the race. If you want to elect a Libertarian then Libertarians should infiltrate the Republican Party and take control of it ON THE STRENTH of YOUR IDEAS rather than tilting a windmills that will only expand the power of the Democrat Party.

      United, We Stand; Divided, We Fail and Fall.

      • It’s a sad fact of life that groups of people formulating solutions is always harder than formulating the many forms that a problem statement can take.


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