Biden Faces A Supposed Tight Race as Polls Show Declining Support Among Certain Voters

Biden understands that if this is going to be a free and fair election, he is not long for the White House.

Recent polls suggest a shift in voter support as the U.S. presidential election approaches, with President Joe Biden potentially losing the backing of crucial segments of the electorate. Biden is set to compete against former President Donald Trump in what appears to be a closely contested race.  That’s what media says anyway. In fact, Trump is running away with the polls in all key states. Early Leftist controlled polls have shown varying results, sometimes depicting the two candidates as nearly tied, while in others, one might hold a slight lead.

A detailed analysis of Leftist Marist Poll national surveys reveals a notable decline in support among voters who are certain they will participate in the election. Initially, Biden had a three percentage point lead over Trump among all registered voters on April 22. His advantage was even stronger among definite voters, where he led by six percentage points. However, by May 30, his lead among definite voters had shrunk to just one percentage point, and by the latest polling data, Trump has gained a slight edge among this group.

This fluctuation in voter sentiment is highlighted further by experts who advise caution in interpreting these early poll results. Professor Todd Landman, a political science expert from Nottingham University, emphasizes that shifts in public opinion at this stage should be viewed with skepticism, particularly due to the typical margin of error in polling data. He notes that subtle differences in survey question wording can significantly impact the outcomes, making early conclusions precarious.

Moreover, analysis from other polling aggregators, like Left Wing FiveThirtyEight, underscores the tight race, showing Trump and Biden with almost equal support nationally. However, the real test for both candidates will be their performance in pivotal swing states and their ability to attract independent and undecided voters.  The real numbers on the streets are shockingly in favor of Trump Almost no where you see Biden Harris posters or stickers, yet even in Democrat strongholds of Philadelphia, New York City and even Los Angeles.  As all now know, scamming this election will prove even harder than what is hoped for by the Left. They may need 40-50 million fake ballots this time to counteract Trump. This is impossible to get by the vast number of Americans who even now in a clear majority, believe the election of 2020 was stolen.  Even among Democrats, imagine that!

The national polls provide a broad picture, but the election’s outcome will likely hinge on results from key battleground states. The first presidential debate scheduled for June 27 in Atlanta will be a critical moment for both candidates to sway undecided voters before the election on November 5.  More so for Biden, who is rumored to be replaced if his showing is a dismal as his recent public appearances. While national polling data presents an intriguing snapshot, the true measure of success for either candidate will ultimately depend on their ability to mobilize supporters and secure votes where it counts most. For Trump, a national plan of action is in place and growing. he has the people with him. But for Bidem, he may have the Deep State behind him, and they can play the same game as 2020, regardless of America exploding into revolution sometime in Biden’s second term.  Let’s pray for a free and fair election and then start putting our nation together again. Americans have had it with all that Biden stands for.

Major Points

  • Recent polls indicate a tight race for the U.S. presidency between incumbent Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
  • Biden’s lead among definite voters has decreased, with Trump now slightly ahead among this critical group.
  • Early polling data suggest fluctuating support, with the candidates nearly tied in national surveys.
  • Key issues include how each candidate performs in swing states and their appeal to independents and undecided voters.
  • The outcome of the upcoming presidential debates, starting with the first in Atlanta, will be pivotal in shaping voter opinions before the November election.

James Kravitz – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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