Governor Whitmer Backs Biden for 2024: A United Front Amid Election Speculations

The failed governor of Michigan, and Petty tyrant Whitmer knows her day is coming. The people of her state are now rising against her and Biden, and only fraud can help them win come November.

In a recent statement, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer threw her full support behind President Joe Biden, brushing aside concerns about his age as the 2024 election looms. Despite some critics suggesting Whitmer as a potential frontrunner for the Democratic ticket following Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance, the governor has distanced herself from such speculation.

Whitmer, who secured her re-election in 2022, expressed her steadfast endorsement of both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during a public conversation. She acknowledged the discussions around Biden’s fitness for office due to his age, but emphasized that what matters more is his ongoing dedication. “The President is keen to connect with communities across the country,” she said. “He’s out there, showing his commitment and energy, ready to take on the challenges we face.”

The governor praised the current administration for what she described as a revival in American manufacturing, particularly highlighting the transformation in Detroit. “Thanks to the investments from President Biden and Vice President Harris, we’re seeing a resurgence in manufacturing jobs here,” Whitmer noted. Over 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since Biden took office in 2021, a reflection of increasing investments in American industry, especially in Michigan.

Despite calls from some quarters for Biden to step aside, the president recently reassured his party of his intentions to stay in the race. In a heartfelt letter to his fellow Democrats, Biden asserted that he remains the best choice to go up against Donald Trump, underscoring his commitment to the trust the voters have placed in him. Even though the man can barely put two sentences together, he actually believes this.

On the release day of her political memoir “True Gretch,” Whitmer spoke about Michigan’s crucial role in the upcoming elections. “Leadership is about more than just showing up; it’s about striving to be better and working harder than ever, especially when the race is tight,” she remarked. She encouraged people to stay grounded and proactive, regardless of the ups and downs in polling figures.

Key Points:

  • Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has publicly endorsed President Joe Biden for the 2024 election, dismissing concerns about his age and fitness for office.
  • Whitmer, who was reelected in 2022, has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Biden but has distanced herself from such speculation.
  • She praised the Biden-Harris administration for its role in driving a manufacturing renaissance in Detroit, with significant investments that have added over 800,000 jobs since 2021.
  • Biden has reaffirmed his intention to remain the Democratic candidate for 2024, emphasizing his role as the most suitable candidate to challenge Donald Trump.
  • Whitmer highlighted the importance of steady and committed leadership and urged supporters to stay engaged and focused, regardless of fluctuating poll numbers.

Fallon Jacobson – Reprinted with permission of Whatfinger News

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