Super Bowl and Culture

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No, dear hearts, I did not watch the Super Bowl, even though I hoped Joe Burrow would be successful one more time against a powerful team and the officials. He wasn’t, but the chickens and I didn’t worry over it. However curiosity prompted me to tune in to the halftime show over which there had been a lot of hullaballoo.

Couldn’t understand a word anyone said while singing, not a word. Didn’t know the people, but did wonder who that white fool was who ended his performance by kneeling on the stage. What was he kneeling for anyway? My take on all the vulgar dancing and gyrations from the people on the stage was this: our country is in deep decline if that is what now passes for entertainment.

Every now and then, I’ll break down and watch some shows on Directv that are not “Ancient Aliens” or “Midsommer Murders.” The different shows, while not memorable are bearable; what really catches my attention are the commercials advertising upcoming movies and series. The new shows are either extremely violent with characters dripping in blood, overrun with scary monsters dripping in blood, vampires looking for blood, or zombies who have no blood but want to kill people.

Are there no longer any movies with interesting characters and real plots, developed through the length of the movie? Are ordinary people passe’? I’m not expecting “Ship of Fools” or “Vertigo,” but my goodness, does everything have to be so bloody violent?

Even so, I’d rather watch this carnage than the real carnage reported on OANN and Newsmax, the carnage of an America going over the cliff with the communist led lemmings. Banjo Boy and his minions have in a little over a year wrecked the economy and everything else through their mandates and rules and pure stupidity. Everything is out of whack, every thing. And there is no hope to be expected from these clowns, because they do not live in the real workday world that we all inhabit. Do you think they even know the price of gasoline and diesel, the fuels that we depend on daily to make a living, take care of our families, just live? I can tell you they do not know nor care; that’s a problem for the little people, not the self elected elites.

Meanwhile, the revolt to restore freedom is being led by truckers across the world, men and women not afraid to stand for what they believe. They have the support of multi millions of people who grew up as free people and who want that same world for their children and grandchildren. But it appears that Canada’s feckless leader, Monsieur Trudeau, has turned dictator and is punishing ordinary citizens for peacefully protesting noxious mandates that have done great damage to Canadian provinces and their citizens.

The American truckers convoy is leaving California on February 23rd. By the time this is printed, they should be getting within a few days of arriving in the D.C. area. It remains to be seen how state governors will handle this convoy. Will they try to shut it down by closing state boundaries to the truckers? Will they have National Guard units and police forces, standing with weapons to stop this peaceful movement of American citizens? Or will they allow this peaceful protest to travel across the country with the freedom of travel that we all take for granted? Already in DC, the communist mayor is calling for 700 National Guard troops to guard the capitol against these American citizens exercising their first amendment rights.

I think a stronger message to the politicians and communists would be for the truckers to go on strike for one week so that no deliveries would be made to the blue cities where everything they need comes in on a truck. Keep the trucks rolling into the red states, where the truckers are supported and we’ll see who buckles first and asks for help.

I have to admit I’ve not paid a lot of attention to the Ukraine situation. I figure Putin will do what he wants while Banjo Boy slurs and stumbles his way through whatever speech he is given to read that tells Putin to act nice. The Ukraine is one large criminal enterprise being challenged by an even larger criminal enterprise. To my way of thinking, it’s like taking sides in a mafia war in New York…which one of the crime families do we support. I don’t care about their border fights.

The border that I care about is our southern border where over two million have been escorted across since that rotting shell of a man was pushed into the Oval Office by godless people. Our country is being invaded daily with criminals from all over the blooming world, who come in and are free to roam and commit crime and violence in our states, and brothers and sisters, they are taking great advantage of that opportunity. Seal our border; then I’ll worry about the Russians and the Ukrainians.

One final rant, on the black lives matter subversive organization. They collected multi millions of dollars from foolish people who thought their money would be used to help the black communities across the nation. Wrong. The leaders of the group bought expensive homes for themselves, and absconded with the rest. Sixty million dollars donated cannot be accounted for. It wasn’t given to communities or schools to uplift the conditions of the people living in the poor communities across the country. Oh, no.

Talk about a major scam on gullible people, and it ain’t over. After 25 deaths, $1-2 billion in damages to American cities, over 2,000 policemen and women injured, US companies have contributed or promised nearly $1 billion to BLM and/or social justice groups. Let’s wait and see if any of that trickles down to the communities that BLM burned down in 2020.

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  1. On the BLM terrorist group, don’t forget they never did anything to help black people. Unlike countess churches in the inner cites, they don’t organize school tutoring, help single mothers with raising their kids, give young boys guidance on how to act. But they do have a lot of money and real estate. Sounds like they got in on the Jesse/Al racket

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