The Missing 7 Hours and Other Fairy Tales

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I have said it before, and this week we had yet another example. No one is more gullible than a Democrat cheerleader with fake news about Trump. This week we have had the American Left up in arms about a purported 7 hours missing from Trump’s phone records. Lawrence Tribe claimed it was criminal, various members of the Jan 6 committee claimed it was proof of malfeasance. NPR and others reported that it was obvious that Trump was on a burner phone running a conspiracy.

Then it comes out Friday (from CNN):

“According to multiple sources familiar with Trump’s phone behavior and the White House switchboard records, the January 6 log reflects Trump’s typical phone habits. He mainly placed calls through the switchboard when he was in the residence but rarely used it when he was in the Oval Office. The fact the log does not show calls on January 6, 2021, from the Oval Office is not unusual, said the sources, because Trump typically had staff either place calls directly for him on landlines or cell phones. Those calls would not be noted on the switchboard log.”

So, in other words, there isn’t any missing seven hours. And never was. Sorry guys.

Really you would think that the liberals in the US would eventually get tired of spreading so much information that is routinely disproven within days, or sometimes even hours. Of course, by expressing their faux outrage at the false claims, the leftists to get a few more hours of virtue signaling before they are compelled to move onto their next outrage. Without notice or apology on how they got the last one wrong.

All of these of course come from the pattern that has become familiar. A member of the news media makes a ridiculous claim about a conservative. The conservative, usually Trump is the target, denies it unequivocally. The news media announces that the ‘stand by their information’. Then within days, often hours, indisputable proof is presented that the original story was completely baseless. Then the news media moves on without apology or correction.

An almost identical pattern, though one that takes significantly more time, can be seen in claims of climate change, another leftist hot topic. Some ridiculous claim is made (climate change is causing more extreme weather). A study is done on extreme weather patterns. The data is presented to show that the claim is without merit. The press moves on without reporting the fact. Even when the data is immediately available, eg the claim that ‘climate changing’ is causing more, and more severe hurricanes. This claim has been presented multiple times, and each time actual data is immediately presented showing that its simply false. But the media immediately moves on and ignores the fact that the claim has been disproven.

Then there is the temperature You probably even saw this one. The Antarctic saw temperatures more than 70 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. Really? Let’s see. First of all, we know that the locations where the instruments are placed are in the Antarctic peninsula, and that has been undergoing a long-term downward temperature trend. Look it up. We also know that section of the world is geologically active (yes, volcanoes). So almost assuredly, one of two things happened. Either the instruments had a malfunction, or the wind direction changed so that warm air from the volcanoes was blown onto the instruments. How do we know this? We know this because the day before and after those super high temperatures, the temperatures were right back to normal.

The next fairy tale? Our president is of the opinion that wind and solar can replace all of our current fossil fuel power plants by 2050. And we can get rid of gasoline powered vehicles at the same time. Well, basic math tells me that we can’t even produce enough wind and solar electricity to produce power for all of those predicted electric cars by 2050. Let alone replace everything else that needs electricity. We only need to look at Germany. They got rid of all of their nuclear plants, are shutting down their coal plants, and now they are running out of energy. They have among the highest electrical prices in Europe and will likely be rationing that electricity in a few years.

I have simply lost count at the number of times this pattern has repeated itself since the 2016 elections, and at times I despair for the lost ability of critical thinking in this country.

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