Liz Cheney Hasn’t Decided If She’ll Run for President in 2024; First She Must Protect the Nation from Trump

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As if.

Less than 45 days out from the Republican primary in Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney trails her opponent, Trump-backed Harriet Hageman, in her bid to hold onto her House seat by anywhere from 28 to 30 percent in the polls.

Republicans in the state turned against Cheney following her vote to impeach Trump. And her vendetta against him ever since has alienated them even further.

The Casper Star-Tribune reported on the only two polls to be conducted to date for this race. Each surveyed approximately 400 Wyoming Republican voters.

The first, performed between May 24 and May 26, asked participants whom they would vote for if the election were held that day. Fifty-six percent gave their support to Hageman, 26 percent to Cheney, 12 percent to state Sen. Anthony Bouchard and 6 percent were undecided.

The second was conducted between June 1 and June 2. Hageman again received 56 percent; Cheney, 28 percent; Bouchard, 8 percent; and 7 percent were undecided. The margin of error for each poll was approximately 5 percent.

In addition, a Cygnal poll conducted last month found just 27 percent of Wyoming registered voters have a favorable opinion of their lone congresswoman.

Nevertheless, Cheney told ABC News Jonathan Karl on Sunday that she hasn’t ruled out a run for the presidency in 2024.

“Do you see yourself running for President as a way to prevent what you say would be destruction of the party?” Karl asked.

“I haven’t made a decision about that yet,” she replied. She explained that she was focused on her current race and her work on the Jan. 6 Committee.”

She continued: “I think about it less in terms of a decision about running for office, and more in terms of, you know, as an American and as somebody who’s in a position of public trust now, how do I make sure I’m doing everything I can, uh, to do the right thing, to do what I know is right for the country, and to protect our Constitution.”

Confident … or deluded?


Karl asked Cheney, “You said recently the country is now in a battle we must win against the former president trying to unravel our constitutional republic. What will it mean for that battle if you lose the Republican primary in Wyoming?”

She replied, “I don’t intend to lose the Republican primary in Wyoming.”

He pressed. “How important is it that you win for that larger battle?”

“I think it’s important because I will be the best representative that the people of Wyoming can have,” she said. “The single most important thing is protecting the nation from Donald Trump. And I think that that matters to us as Americans more than anything else, and that’s why my work on the committee is so important.”

According to Newsweek, Cheney “is currently barely even considered an outside shot at clinching the nomination.”

Newsweek reports:

According to a recent Morning Consult poll, conducted between June 24-26, Trump is still far and away the favorite among GOP voters, with 53 percent saying they would back him for the nomination, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on 22 percent and former Vice President Mike Pence on eight percent.

In comparison, Cheney was among several potential candidates, including Senators Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who did not even manage to achieve three percent in support from Republican voters.

Elsewhere, the Smarkets betting exchange currently does not list Cheney as a potential candidate for the next Republican presidential nominee. However, Smarkets does include Cheney in an expanded list of potential winners of the 2024 election, giving her a 0.33 percent chance of winning and odds of 200/1.

Trump and DeSantis are currently neck and neck favorites to become the next president, with Smarkets listing them both as 20 percent likely to be the next person to enter the White House, with Joe Biden behind on third at 14 percent.

According to a collection of national surveys since November 2021, compiled by Polling USA, Trump is by far the favorite to clinch the GOP nomination should he run. As of June 16, his average polling stood at 55.3 percent, with DeSantis second at 19.3 percent, and Pence third on 12.5 percent.

Pssssst! Liz! You haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the presidency in 2024. You won’t even win the Wyoming Republican House primary next month.

Cheney has become so consumed by her hatred for Donald Trump that she’s lost touch with reality. She’s already blown up her political career.

America does not need her to save us. At this point, she should be more concerned with saving herself.



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5 thoughts on “Liz Cheney Hasn’t Decided If She’ll Run for President in 2024; First She Must Protect the Nation from Trump”

  1. With Lizzie losing support, as if she had any, expect her to complete the circuit that Lisa Murkowsky formed, by running as an independent. She is doing all the same things Murkowsky did, when she got beaten in the Republican primary, and ran as an independent, knowing that the Democrats would march to her victory with her.
    That makes Liz Cheney a pretty sick person. When you run that kind of campaign it isn’t for the constituents you are supposed to serve, but for your own petty vanity and power.
    Cheney said in a debate, that she served the Constitution over anything else. I think she just loves to throw out lies, because this is all about her, and no one else.
    Watch her remain the sole House member from Wyoming, not because she is the best choice, but that she knows how to play poker. She got on that Jan. 6 committee because it was a way to get a payback from the Democrats, when the time comes, not just because of Trump.
    Notice how Cheney will never admit to making a mistake. She always deflects to something else when challenged over truths. Kinda narcissistic.

  2. With 69.94% of the vote, Wyoming was President Trump’s strongest state in 2020. The lovely Miss Cheney is calling seven out of ten Wyoming voters idiots.


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