Stasi State Techniques Of Our US Government: The Biden Administration Authorized An Inherently Dangerous Raid To Resolve A Fabricated Administrative Document Dispute With President Trump Part 6

Trump Has material The Deep State Swamp Was/Is Willing To Do Anything To Get Back, Including Risking A Potential Shoot-out Between Federal Agents at Mar-a Lago

With lawfare failing to move the needle, House Democrats take their war on Trump to a more dangerous level

The unhappy reality is that the Democrat lawfare campaign against Trump, relentless as it’s been, isn’t working out quite the way they had anticipated. 

Due process, property rights ‘being shaken to the core’ by NY AG’s vendetta against Trump

The biggest casualty of this grotesque abuse of prosecutorial power will be America. We are losing the one thing that separates us from third world countries: equal justice under the law. 

How Trump uses Birdbrain Trikki Nikki is a reminder of how awful the Republican Party is

Trump’s right. She is a birdbrain. If Trump falters, the nomination will not go to her simply because she is the runner-up. Instead of suffering Haley Tosis, Republicans will nominate the best MAGA available. The woman just leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths.

A tree fell in Washington, but no one heard it

Independent journalists Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag published an article on Substack site Public last week that, if true, would prove the hoax of the century. Of course, the story was greeted with a shrug by the legacy media. The trio reported that “multiple credible sources close to a House Permanent Select Committee …

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Turning the border against Trump; Democrats and RINOs desperately try to wipe the open borders off their shoes

If President Trump wins in November, he can thank Texas Governor Greg Abbott for the win. No one has done more to change public opinion about Biden’s Open Borders policy than Abbott.