Critical Race Theory

Simply stated, if you pick the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in a horse race, you win the trifecta which is worth quite a bit of money.  And up to a few months ago, that was considered critical race theory.

 However, in todays’ world, everything must be re-imagined.  Every time that word appears, one could think of Walt Disney World with the imaginers, once a group of well-paid engineers and project managers who were tasked with creating fantasy and awe.  That ended when Disney laid off the Americans and hired foreign imaginers to avoid the Obamacare mandate, but let that go.

 You probably have noticed that re-imagining produces accurate results based on science.  Again, that would be a false statement.  Re-imagining creates utter bull crap.  And that explains Critical Race Theory (CRT).  CRT is based on a lie.  No matter what you believe, if you are a different color, you are a racist!  It is similar to that old saying “So when did you stop beating your wife?”  As soon as you deny it, it proves you did it.

 During the Obama reign, I criticized him whenever he deserved it.  I was called a racist.  I pointed out that I treated Obama no different than when I criticized Bush, Clinton, and many other “leaders”.  Again, the accusations cause chaos and division.

 CRT states that slaves built this Nation.  OK, a simple question noting that Libya, Kenya, the Congo and many middle eastern Nations still have black slaves.  Why are their economies and freedoms per capita not better than the United States who ended slavery December 6th, 1865?

Let us cut to the chase and not waste time on distractions.  CRT is a tool of asymmetric warfare.  CRT was the child of Critical Legal Studies (CLS) which raised money to study the law and how it helped rich guys (think white) at the expense of the minority segment (think black and slowly add brown).  CLS was the thesis produced in a University based on the marxist doctrine of Critical Theory. The purpose is to create chaos, it is not to improve.

CRT believes race is a social construction, it is not an objective or a fixed category, it is not biological.  So, what the heck is it?  Chaos demands that CRT be fluid.  However, there is only one race that is important, the human race.  Polar bears, spotted owls, even dogs do not matter when addressing the human race.

It is difficult to truly understand CRT, especially if one is raised with Christian and American values.  It is being used to divide the Nation.  One CRT flashcard article noted that race is important because some certain characteristics provided privilege.  Note, we are born with many of characteristics that CRT defines as bad, especially color.  If you truly want to understand CRT, a person cannot make a simple identity, for there are so many conflicting identities, loyalties and other important issues.  As an example, one web site noted that Condi Rice was a black woman, highly educated and a Republican!  Stop the presses!!

As one reads more and more, the circular logic with large words makes the argument more surreal.  Camara Jones, per Wikipedia, defines institutionalized racism as differential access to the goods, services and opportunities of society by race. Institutionalized racism is normative, sometimes legalized and often manifests as inherited disadvantage.  It is structural, having absorbed into our institutions of custom, practice, and law, so there need not be an indentifiable offender.  Indeed, institutionalized racism is often evident as inaction in the face of need, manifesting itself both in material conditions and in access to power. With regard to the former, examples include differential access to quality education, sound housing, gainful employmentappropriate medical facilities, and a clean environment.

She sounds serious but ends with the those great marxist desires for equity with the whites.  As CRT re-imagines words, there is another argument that sounds impressive. Intersectional Theory examines race, sex, class, national origin and sexual orientation and how the combination provides different results depending on different situations.  WOW, I would rather study the reproductive habits of fruit flies, but that was already funded by our tax dollars!  

As an example of intersectional theory, a white Christian classy male from Idaho who never saw color due to the frequent whiteouts, studies hard and becomes a military legend with a single wife and multiple kids.  He is put into multiple situations and always strives to do what is right in the eyes of God and the law.  Oh well.

CRT is falling apart with the Asian population, who say they are fine competing.  The Asian Americans believe in education, a stable family, thrifty savings and spending, hard work and meritocracy.  The issue is that these are white traits according to CRT.  Who knew?!! 

 CRT is being funded by Democrat progressive communist groups who want to spread CRT into all aspects of life, like a cancer.  Legal studies, gender studies, education, American history and sociology are being targeted, as well as police brutality, hate speech and crimes, health care, affirmation action, welfare, immigration and …voting rights.

 CRT is simply renewing segregation, targeting “white” America, stating that certain groups need extra help.  I remember a time when that fallacy was eliminated and CANCELLED.  We know that those willing to work, can be successful.  Yet, CRT attacks whites, as if they represent the over-achievers, who conquered all thanks to the work of black slaves.

 A recent release by the American Community Survey Group had startling information about the Median US Household Income in 2019 versus Ancestry Groups.  

Some data points:

  • Sub-continent Indian Americans #1 $124,705
  • Taiwanese Americans   #2 $102,405
  • Chinese Americans    #7 $  86,281
  • White Americans    #12 $  69,823

CRT states that whites are privileged, that they effect all minorities because whites get everything.  Perhaps CRT is an excuse to lure lazy people into the fight for equity by stating that whites stole everything.  

CRT takes away emphasis on what is important.  Equality under the law and meritocracy are what makes this Nation a “more perfect Union”.  Humans are not perfect, we notice differences in hair color, eye color, skin color and waist measurements.  So what?  As long as we evaluate another based on the content of their heart, we will be able to pass the blessings of freedom and liberty to our posterity.

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