Watch: Did Stacey Abrams Suggest Murdering Unborn Children May Ease Inflation?

In an interview with Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Wednesday, MSNBC host Mike Barnicle acknowledged that, while abortion remains an important issue to many voters, it is trumped by the rising cost of everyday necessities such as groceries and gas. He asked the far-left Democrat, “What could you do as governor to alleviate the concerns of Georgia voters about those livability, daily, hourly issues that they’re confronted with?”

One answer, according to Abrams, is abortion. She suggests that the reason for mothers facing increased risk from inflation primarily stems from their children, and that abortion can ‘help with that’.

Abrams essentially tells voters, ‘Worried about gas prices? Abort your child.’ Someone needs to explain to her that inflation hurts even those without children.

In the video below, Abrams replies, “Let’s be clear: Having children is why you’re worried about your price for gas, it’s why you’re concerned about how much food costs.”

She continues, “For women, this is not a reductive issue. You can’t divorce being forced to carry an unwanted pregnancy from the economic realities of having a child. And so these are — it’s important for us to have both/and conversations.”

“But let’s not pretend that women, half the population, especially those of child-bearing age, they understand that having a child is absolutely an economic issue,” Abrams said.

“It’s only politicians who see it as simply another cultural conversation. It is a real biological and economic imperative conversation that women need to have.”

Twenty one months of one party rule in America has caused inflation to reach levels not seen in over four decades, spiking crime rates throughout the U.S., and an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants to cross our open southern border. Democrats cannot discuss these issues because it was their foolish policies that created them.

Despite predictions that the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade would hurt Republicans, a New York Times/Siena College poll released on Monday showed a whopping 32-point swing among independent women toward the GOP over the past month.

The poll asks those who are “not a Democrat or a Republican” which party they “lean more to.” In their September poll, 43% of independent women favored Democrats, 31%, Republicans, and 26% didn’t know. In the current poll, 35% chose the Democrats while 46% went for Republicans. The portion of those who didn’t know fell to 16%.

The poll also asked voters to name the most important issue facing the U.S. today. Twenty-six percent named the economy; 18 percent, inflation; 8 percent, the state of democracy; 5 percent, immigration, and another 5 percent, abortion. The economy and inflation are the top issues for 44 percent of likely voters.

Yet Democrats continue to see campaigning on abortion as a winning strategy and they are dug in.

Republican strategist Matt Gorman joined a panel discussion on MSNBC’s Meet the Press last month and was attacked for telling the group abortion “is not in the top four of issues.”

In the clip below, NBC News’ Yamiche Alcindor told Gorman that when she’s out on the campaign trail, “Abortion comes up 90% of the time.”

Former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill interjected to say, “I hope Matt keeps saying that everywhere he goes — that abortion isn’t really an issue here in this election. I think it is exactly what infuriates women when they hear that.”

McCaskill insisted that in her home state, incest victims are being forced to give birth, and doctors are “having to make life and death decisions around whether they go to prison or whether they take care of their patient. That is motivating voters and it will in November.”

Matt Gorman, who should be commended for speaking up to a panel of liberals on abortion, is absolutely correct. And Democrats will be forced to face that fact on November 9.

In the meantime, they remain tethered to their fight for abortion rights. Which raises the question: Have they’ve simply lost touch with reality or has it finally registered that they lose on every other issue that voters are concerned about?


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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  1. I wish, just once, I would hear someone lead the charge by saying that if you don’t want that baby, quit having sexual intercourse until you decide you do. And if that isn’t clear enough, you might consider getting help on the topic from someone, other than Planned Parenthood, because they love you being stupid.

    Right in that fat cow’s face!

    If people can’t figure out where babies come from, they need to learn, and abortion is not an answer to that problem, except to an evil and very stupid person. And yes, there are two involved in that process, so the same goes for both.


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