The Racism of “Anti-Racism” Part 1: The Most Racist People are the “Anti-Racists”

The Racism of “Anti-Racism, Part 1: The Most Racist People are the “Anti-Racists”

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” — Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963

There IS a race problem in the US, but there wasn’t a race problem until the Left created it in the last few years. Merriam Webster defines racism as “A belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” The apostles of Critical Race Theory (whether portrayed honestly or under some other euphemism, such as “diversity, equity, and inclusion”) are almost always the real racists in any conversation. The defining tenant of CRT, DEI, and “anti-racism” is that race is the most important determinate of… everything. Given the definition of racism above, how are these hateful theories not racist? Or should we let the Left redefine the term racism to be “all white people are racist.” As Antifa (supposedly anti-fascist”) are the real fascists, so “anti racist” are the real racists.

Before Obama was president, there were predictions that Millennials and beyond were going to be the first truly color-blind generations, but the race baiters who get rich fomenting racial hatred would have none of that.

President Obama set race relations in the US back twenty or more years (see graph). It started during his election campaign when any criticism of his lack of experience, lack of legislative accomplishments as a junior Senator, or any of his Leftist policies was decried as racism. You were not allowed to disagree with Saint Obama, or you were a racist. Since the beginning of Obama’s first term, baseless accusations of racism have become de regur for the Left. According to The Federalist Papers Web site,

In 2010, the year after Barack Obama took office, [percent of Americans said they worried “a great deal” about the problems of race relations in the United States] was cut in half to 13 percent.

But it only took six years for Obama to destroy all the progress we have made.

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Accusing any policy or person with whom you agree as racist is lazy, but the Left has successfully shifted the burden of proof from the accuser to the defendant. In many cases, merely trying to defend yourself from baseless accusations is “proof” that you are racist. Often you are guilty whether or not you are proven innocent.

In other articles, I have expounded on the wokeness in our schools and also shed some light on how the National School Board Association colluded with Secretary Cardona to get Secretary Garland to declare parents to be domestic terrorist. Along those same lines, Randi Weingarten, head of the Marxist, Leftists, woke, America-hating American Federation of Teachers union declared parents showing up to school board meetings are racists and anti-American:

“… Racists are showing up in droves to school board meetings, threatening members and superintendents with recalls, firing — and worse. It is dangerous. It is divisive. It is un-American. As Virginians, let us remember our history and not repeat the errors of the past.”

If you are a parent who cares about the detrimental effects of unnecessary masking of young children, the indoctrination of hate disguised by some euphemism, or your child’s education in general, you are a racist and un-American. Randi resorts to the easy claim of racism rather than responding to the parents’ concerns. I declare Randi lazy and racist. So there.

It is used by the Left when inconvenient facts intrude on their feelings. Pat Buchanan asserted that,

“The terms ‘racist’ and ‘racism’ are now commonplace accusations in political discourse and a public square where whites are expected to ritually denounce the ‘white privilege’ into which they were born… For many, equality of opportunity is no longer enough. We must make restitution, deliver reparations and guarantee a future where an equality of rewards replaces an equality of rights… Meritocracy must yield to equity. Elite high schools, such as Thomas Jefferson in Virginia, Stuyvesant in New York, and Lowell in San Francisco, must abandon their emphasis on grades, tests, and exams to gain admissions and prove progress… And a new cancel culture has taken root in America… Something is seriously wrong with a country that professes to be great but whose elite cannot abide the mildest of heresies to its established truth.

Despite claims by ex-Virginia Governor Northam, talking heads on “news” programs, BLM, and Leftist politicians to the contrary, the ideas of Critical Race Theory or “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are being promoted by teachers’ unions and school boards and being force indoctrinated in our schools and woke corporations. Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote,

“Certainly, regardless of which trendy three-letter term you prefer to describe the latest iteration of America’s obsession with race, the goal in each case is the same: to shift away from meritocracy in favour of an equality of outcome system.

“But implementing a grievance model into our youth education curriculum will not fix the problems it purports to solve. There is, after all, a dearth of evidence suggesting that DEI programmes advance diversity, equity or inclusion. In fact, if DEI programmes in schools have similar results as DEI corporate training, they might be not only ineffective, but potentially harmful.

“This shift is due to the clear failure of affirmative action policies. First introduced more than 50 years ago, they were intended to create equal opportunities for a black community said to be held back by the legacies of slavery and Jim Crow laws. Suffice it to say that they failed. Today, only 26% of black American’s have a Bachelor’s degree, 10% lower than the national average. More than half of black households earn less than $50,000 annually, and the labour force participation rate for black men is 3.3% lower than for white men; it has actually shrunk by 11.6% since the early 1970’s. Only four CEOs from Fortune 500 companies are black.”

Thomas Sowell has also famously asserted (and been largely ignored by the Left for doing so) that the black community was better off 100 years the end of slavery than after fifty years of affirmative action. The facts bear this out, but the Left never lets facts get in the way of their feelings.

According to Microsoft News, Florida, Idaho, Arkansas, and Oklahoma have banned the teaching of CRT and DEI in their schools, with more states following suit. District Administration posted a map showing which states have banned CRT here. The unanimous Florida Board of Education decision, following hours of debate and public comment

“Instructs public school staff to teach topics around race ‘efficiently and faithfully,’ using materials that meet ‘the highest standards of professionalism and historical accuracy.’ It bans the teaching of critical race theory, which the legislation describes as ‘the theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but that racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons.’ The new rule also forbids the use of the 1619 Project, a classroom program inspired by a New York Times initiative focusing on slavery and African American history.”

“Instructs public school staff to teach topics around race ‘efficiently and faithfully,’ using materials that meet ‘the highest standards of professionalism and historical accuracy.’ It bans the teaching of critical race theory, which the legislation describes as ‘the theory that racism is not merely the product of prejudice, but that racism is embedded in American society and its legal systems in order to uphold the supremacy of white persons.’ The new rule also forbids the use of the 1619 Project, a classroom program inspired by a New York Times initiative focusing on slavery and African American history.”


The Federalist Papers Web site went on to say,

This destruction of the relative harmony we experienced is almost entirely the fault of President Obama’s bizarre and race-based policies, comments and criticisms.

From calling white police officers “stupid” for arresting a hostile black professor in 2009, Obama has made it crystal clear that his plans for a so-called “post-racial America” really means quite the opposite.

From declaring that the thug Trayvon Martin could have been his “son” – or him 35 years ago, to giving Attorney General the license to descend on local police departments with threats of civil rights penalties to the idiotic (and patently false) “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” chant that the left has embraced to the “Black Lives Matter” racist mantra, the left and Obama have convinced Black America that the United States of America – perhaps the least racist country on earth – is awash in virulent racism that seeks out to murder them.

America is objectively, factually, provably the least racist country on earth, however, the constant drumbeat of racist lies by the Left, the media, teachers’ unions, school boards, brainwashing in our schools, appeasement by woke corporate boards, and identity politics by woke politicians has convinced Americans that we have a race problem. If we have a race problem, it is a perception problem, a brainwashing problem, an indoctrination problem, an innumeracy problem, but not a real problem.

The demonstrably false narrative from the unholy alliance of the Left, their media apologists, corrupt politicians, and America haters is that America is irredeemably racist that that the only way to fix it is to tear down all our institutions and culture. But again, the left cannot stomach letting facts get in the way of their feelings or narratives. Reinforcing that we have a perception, rather than real, race problem, Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, published a report that includes these key counter-narrative facts:

  • Progressives are extremely mired in the ‘Critical Race Theory’ narrative which declares that America is a racist society that suppresses minorities, especially black Americans. They believe that pushing this form of alleged indoctrination will somehow empower racial justice. Instead, what it really does is cost black lives and impact their chances of being successful.
  • Exposing black survey respondents to a concentrated dose of critical race-inspired writing reduces their belief that they have control of their lives. This affects their trust, health, economic achievement, and other aspects of well-being.
  • “Young black men are around 10 times more likely to die in a car accident than from a police bullet. Yet when I asked people which was the more common cause of death for young black males, 81 percent of black Biden voters in my survey, and 70 percent of whites who agreed that “white Republicans are racist” said police shootings claimed more young black men’s lives. This was the case even though people who didn’t know the right answer could have selected a “neither” option. By contrast, only 15 percent of white Trump voters believed this fallacy.”
  • In surveys, black people on social media report experiencing significantly more racism than those not on it. When asked whether people “acted suspicious of you” or “acted like you weren’t smart,” over 50 percent of blacks on social media said they had experienced this racism compared with barely 30 percent of those not on social media. This effect remained powerful even after controlling for age, income, ideology and education.”
  • Black Americans feel that political correctness is demeaning. They “preferred a future where they had become so confident that racial insults did not offend them over one where the price for racist remarks was so high that none took place.” However, white liberals took the opposite view.

See (and share) this video about when the demand for racism among the Left has outstripped demand which also makes the case that racism in the US is not nearly as pervasive America haters want you to think. A key point in the video that recent immigrants who happen to be black have demonstrated upward economic mobility and success. This leads me to believe the issue is more about the culture of victimization and blaming others that is fostered by the race baiting “leaders” of minority communities rather than any real, systemic racism.

We have all seen that black lives don’t really matter to Black Lives Matter. Their racist lies have convinced Americans that police officers roam the streets in search of black men to gun down wantonly. For the past years, the total number of “unarmed” black men shot by police is about 20, not hundreds or thousands. Police Mag reported,

A survey produced by reveals that people who identify as liberal or very liberal believe 1,000 or more unarmed black men were murdered by police in 2019. According to the Washington Post database, that number was 12. The Mapping Police Violence database says the number was 27.

Of course, many of those “unarmed” men were reaching for a weapon, resisting arrest, or assaulting police officer.

The vast majority of black deaths are at the hands of other blacks, but where is BLM when 50 black people are gunned down in a single weekend in Chicago? Conspicuously silent. The situation is so lopsided in favor of the racist narrative that an Oregon newspaper specifically tweeted that the victim of a police shooting was white to avoid the inevitable riots that occur when a policeman shoots a black person. Business and Politics reported, “Following numerous police-involved shootings across the nation and fearing unrest after the incident, the Portland-based newspaper sent a tweet out emphasizing the victim’s race: ‘The man who was killed was a [W]hite man in his 30s, according to three sources with knowledge of the investigation. The Oregonian/OregonLive is identifying the man’s race in light of social unrest prompted by police shootings of Black people, the paper stated. Police shooting white people (at twice the rate they shoot black people) are okay. “A number of people slammed the newspaper for implying that the shooting wasn’t as serious because the victim was white and thus, there was no need to riot.”

Remember when the phrase “separate but equal” was considered racist? Appallingly, Leftists and the KKK agree that the races should be separated. Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz separately interviewed campus leftists and KKK members. See the film here. It will disgust you. Horowitz found a surprising degree of agreement as woke leftists are advocating for universities to have separate meetings and facilities by race as well as separate housing, segregation within medical facilities, separate art, etc. George Wallace said in a speech given 50 years ago today, “segregation now, segregation tomorrow and segregation forever,” is remembered as one of the most vehement rallying cries against racial equality in American history. In 1963 civil rights activists were fighting for equal access to schools and the voting booth, and the federal government was preparing to intervene in many Southern states. With dizzying logic, however, the Left wants to return to segregation in the name of racial justice. By the way, all the “separate by more equal” things the Left now advocates are illegal.

Liberal white race baiters have used the cover of anti-racism to cause millions of dollars of damage and dozens of lost lives in “mostly peaceful” protests. It is so bad that the black community in Portland, OR, wrote an open letter asking their “allies” to knock it off. As PJ Media says, “The over forty people who signed onto this letter are pretty much admitting what we on this side of the political aisle have been saying for years: white liberals just see minorities as pawns to be used for their own purposes.”

The least tolerant people in the America on the Leftists who disingenuously preach tolerance. The most fascist people in America, other than perhaps Dr. Fauci and the members federal government, are the Antifa “anti-fascists.” In part 2 of this article, I’ll provide extensive, but not nearly exhaustive, examples of how the real racists in America are the Left, the media, and the “anti-racists.

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  1. Growing up among Leftist pols and those they were grooming to be the movement’s chessmasters, I can tell you firsthand that race was just the first–in their eyes, EVERY identifiable distinct demographic are just pawns to be played off each other on the chessboard of Ever Greater Power for the Leftist Elite and maybe some on the side for their RINO Establishment vassals.

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