Did Democrats Outspend Trump Funding MAGA GOP Candidates? Here’s the Numbers

I can’t decide which is scarier: That Arizona Democratic gubernatorial nominee and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has a twin sister who looks just like her, talks just like her and is just as deceitful as she is? Or that the party currently warning voters that Republicans, particularly those affiliated with former
President Donald Trump’s MAGA movement, represent the greatest threat to democracy, funded candidates in the GOP primaries?

In the video below, Becky Hobbs boasts to a Project Veritas undercover reporter that “all across the country,” the Democratic Party funded MAGA candidates in primary races believing they would be easier to defeat in the general election.

“So, all across the country Democrat candidates, not candidates themselves, but the party was putting money in primaries into the races of the extreme Trump-endorsed candidates, as opposed to moderate Republicans that were running, because they wanted those extremists to win because they knew that the Dems had a better chance of winning their races against the extremist candidates than they did against the moderate Republicans.” 

She also reveals that she and her husband registered as Republicans so they could vote against GOP candidate Joe Arpaio in the Fountain Hills, Arizona, mayoral race.  

In July, Open Secrets, a group that tracks the flow of money spent in U.S. elections, reported that groups aligned with the Democratic Party had spent $44 million to buck-up far-right candidates in Republican primaries in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Maryland. The hope was that these candidates, most of whom had questioned the results of the 2020 election, would be far easier for Democratic nominees to beat in the general election.

The bulk of this money, $35 million, was spent on behalf of current Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker. According to Open Secrets, this substantial sum of money puts the Illinois gubernatorial “race on track to be the most expensive non-presidential election in United States history.”

The report said the Democrats’ ad campaign relentlessly attacked moderate Republican Richard Irvin, the current mayor of Aurora, Illinois, the candidate they believed posed the greatest threat to Pritzker’s reelection. Moreover, the money spent on the attack ads was more than three times the amount of funds the Irvin campaign had managed to raise.

Republican state Sen. Darren Bailey, who was endorsed by Trump eventually won the primary with 55.2 percent of the vote. According to Open Secrets, Irvin finished a distant second with 18.6 percent of the vote.

At any rate, this was presented as a fairly new Democratic strategy. Still, I can’t imagine it hasn’t been tried in previous primary election cycles. If it has, either Democrats did a great job covering it up or else it was done to a much lesser extent and went largely undetected by groups that follow the flows of funds in American politics.

But the optics of Democrats, who have spent the last two years preaching that Republicans want to end democracy in the U.S., which is precisely what they’ve been trying to do, are pretty bad.

Last week, The Daily Wire reported that an analysis of Federal Election Commission records showed that Trump-controlled PACs spent just $5 million on the Republican primaries, an amount that is dwarfed by the Democrats spending. They outspent Trump by a margin of nearly 9 to 1.

Although the Daily Wire hits the Democrats for interfering in Republican primaries, they also criticize Trump for contributing so little to the candidates he endorsed.

Of the $5 million that Trump-controlled PACs donated during the primaries, $4.3 million went to attack ads against Georgia’s current Republican governor, Brian Kemp, who is running for reelection against Democratic nominee Stacy Abrams. Blaming his 2020 loss to Biden in the state on Kemp’s inaction in the chaotic aftermath of the presidential election, Trump supported former Sen. David Purdue in the Republican primary. Purdue was defeated and Kemp is projected to cruise to reelection.

Trump-controlled groups have donated another $4 million to Republican candidates in the general election, according to the report. But the Daily Wire points out this still leaves him with a war chest of $92 million in his Save America PAC.

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich, argued that his rallies have been of inestimable value to the candidates he has endorsed which is difficult to deny.

Budowich told the Daily Wire that Trump is “introducing millions of new voters to his endorsed candidates and energizing voters who usually sit-out midterms. At this point, the entire Republican Party, from fundraising, to data, to get-out-the-vote, is on Donald Trump’s shoulders and together they will deliver massive GOP victories come November 8.”

Putting aside the question of why Trump didn’t contribute more to his chosen candidates during this election cycle, there remains the matter of the Democrats’ blatant and unethical interference in the Republican primaries. By any standards, this is a most undemocratic thing to do. Were the positions reversed, Democrats would probably sic the FBI, their enforcement arm, against the Republicans involved and trumpet the story via their communications team, the legacy media.

Frankly, no one was surprised to learn about their involvement. Election interference is just business as usual for a party that will stop at nothing in its pursuit of power.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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  1. As far as the Democrats spending money on so-called far right candidates in primaries, I hope they got what they wanted because that is a very foolish way to spend money. They just outsmart themselves, don’t they?
    Katie Hobbs has a twin sister? Good! She needs someone to talk for her.
    As if it might help her sister…

    Based on what I keep seeing from Ben Shapiro, I think he is still a neverer. All I heard from his latest video, about Trump, was more like derision than criticism.

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