John Boehner Accused of ‘Showing His True Colors’ After Sobbing Repeatedly While Delivering Nancy Pelosi Tribute

Former House Speaker John Boehner’s tearful tribute to outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the unveiling of her portrait in the Capitol building on Wednesday was offensive, pathetic, nauseating, and tells us everything we need to know about why the GOP continues to lose winnable elections.

Boehner, a Republican from Ohio, took over the speakership in 2011 following the Democrats’ loss of 63 House seats in the 2010 midterms.

Even for Boehner, who is known for wearing his feelings on his sleeves, his passionate display, more appropriate for delivering the eulogy at a loved one’s funeral than for the unveiling of a former colleague’s painting, was excessive.

Overcome with emotion, which made it difficult for him to speak at times, Boehner said: “And Madam Speaker, I have to say, my girls told me, ‘Tell the speaker how much we admire her.'” His full blown blubbering during this last remark won him hearty applause from the audience.

Collecting himself, he added, “As if you couldn’t tell, my girls are Democrats.”

It makes one wonder if Boehner himself is not a Democrat.

“You’ve been incredibly effective as the leader of your caucus. The younger generation today has a saying: ‘Game recognizes game.’ The fact of the matter is no other speaker of the House in the modern era — Republican or Democrat — [Boehner, momentarily appearing as if the floodgates were about to burst open – again, paused before continuing] has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results. Let me just say. You’re one tough cookie.”

I’d like to ask Boehner what it is he most admires about this toxic woman whose ruthless leadership has done more than nearly any other politician to advance the socialist agenda in America.

Was it when Pelosi tore up her copy of former President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech on national television in 2020?

Was it her stewardship of two politically-motivated impeachments through the Democratic-controlled House?

The problem here is not that Boehner is on friendly terms with a colleague from across the aisle. The issue is just how effusive he is in his praise for someone who has fought ruthlessly for decades against everything real conservatives stand for. He lionized a woman who has worked relentlessly to ram through legislation that was at odds with the ideals upon which this country was founded.

The reality is that Pelosi is part of an unholy alliance of elites who have grossly abused their power to systematically strip American citizens of their constitutional rights and to amass power for themselves. And she does it all with a phony smile plastered on her face as she hypocritically professes her strong religious faith.

The icing on the cake is just how vicious Boehner has been to Republicans like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, and Trump over the years. That he can have tearful admiration for Pelosi while calling Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh,” Jordan a “political terrorist,” and write that Trump “incited that bloody insurrection” in his book is hard to square.

It was no surprise that outgoing Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, whose hatred for Trump has become his calling card, called Boehner “a class act.”

One Twitter user summed it up perfectly writing, “John Boehner (and Adam) are living breathing examples why Republicans continue to get their butts kicked by the Left.”

We need to purge Democrats posing as Republicans from our leadership in Washington. Until we accomplish that, we will continue to lose elections.


A previous version of this article appeared in The Western Journal.

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  1. What can any true conservative say? Boehner is an establishment drone who bends with the political winds. Screw him and his BS support of Scat-Fran-Nan.

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