New World Order; The Epidemic of Silence

“The Globalist Goal for the World is Socialism and We Dare Not Lose Sight of That.”   

~David Rockefeller


Charles Buxton said, “Silence is sometimes the severest criticism.” –  Is anyone listening?  Apparently not. The people of this country have never been so ignored.

I am confident that by now most readers have heard of the New World Order (NWO), The Great Reset, or Agenda 2030.  It is real, and it is being implemented.  Build Back Better…The Great Reset…Sustainable Development…Global Cooling, then Global Warming, then Climate Change…Abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBTQ…it’s all The Great Reset.  It’s all the art of selling.  It’s a strange combination of Marxism and Fascism and is now imbedded in our government, our institutions, and the governments of most of the West. 

The globalists want to make life unbearable, in gradually larger doses, so you will accept anything ‘reasonable’ as an alternative.  Where is our legislature?  Where are the concerned citizens?…silence.

What the NWO requires is what we are experiencing…social and political disorder and chaos.  They need ignorant, obedient, scared, pliable and amoral people, and at least those willing to go along.

If you ask the question, What is The Great Reset?  Chances are you will get an answer like this:  

“The Great Reset Initiative is an economic recovery plan drawn up by the World Economic Forum in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The project was launched in June 2020, with a video featuring the then Prince of Wales Charles released to mark its launch.”


Sounds wonderful, but it’s total nonsense!  First, Wikipedia is not the place to go to for unbiased information on anything.  Up until recently, Wikipedia listed The Great Reset as a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.  Now Wiki seems to have relented (or given the go-ahead) to announce its launch.

My definition:

The Great Reset initiative is a redesign of the world’s economic and political systems to destroy nation sovereignty, to further enrich the already rich, further empower the already powerful, limit or eliminate the competition from would-be competitors, further downgrade or eliminate the middle class and keep the poor exactly where they are, but limit their numbers, initiate the 4th Industrial Revolution and reduce the world population through abortion, planned pandemics, and vaccines because the vast majority of people will no longer be needed…all under the cover of performing an honorable undertaking for the good of mankind and to save the planet.

This New World Order will be amoral and will require its people to be equally amoral.  The Elite do not recognize God or any values other than their own. They abhor the Bible and plan on erasing it from their coming society. The harassment and ridicule of Christians and Jews has begun and will get worse. Any criticism of the LGBT community or transsexualism will be met with outrage and possible prosecution. Disapproval of our justice system or even chemical spills, mysterious explosions, and fires of food processing plants, will be met with inaction.

This mocking of Western values and the creation of chaos and confusion is what Marxists require.  It’s called demoralization.

Demoralization is a strategy to lower morale and morality, which are closely linked.  It induces helplessness. This helplessness causes people to lose their courage to condemn what he/she knows is wrong…self-confidence is lost. Groups will form for self-protection.  Other groups that form are seen as a threat.  What results is polarization which creates political and social tensions which intensifies over time…identity politics on steroids. Marxism/Fascism uses this to turn a cohesive society into one driven by suspicion, doubt, animosity, alienation, and…fear!  Dividing society by race and creed is an important factor as division will always consume a nation.

When you lose self-confidence you are easily deceived.  Reality even becomes questionable.  The basic human concept of cause and effect is lost, replaced with an almost childlike perception of reality…you have your reality, I have mine…we all live in a cyberspace computer game…I was born a male, but I choose to be a female.  Norms of social behavior no longer exist.  People sit in silence and accept what they are told rather than the arduous task of dealing with the insanity.

When social constraints are lost, who is to determine new ones? To the globalist it certainly will not be God.

Europe and the United States are heavily demoralized.  That is why so many are reluctant to defend their values, their country’s values. They live in this epidemic of silence.  They feel alone when they are not. How many churches stood up against the lockdowns?  How many ‘Christian’ churches have abandoned their faith under the guise of the ‘modern age’?   When people do speak up or show their discontent, like on Jan 6, or the Canadian truckers, they are heavily denounced, punished, and made examples of.  They say it is all to protect society or democracy while they are in the process of destroying it.

The Elite are using this to push their changes and so far are succeeding.  How else could they have induced no ID voting, mail-in voting, voting machines that can be tampered with, ballots that don’t match registration signatures, more registered voters than eligible voters, the setting free of felons to continue killing and raping. All crimes graded on a curve. They are destroying whole societies while we watch…in silence.  Isn’t anyone angry?

The New World Order has been planned for a long time.  Oligarchs and autocrats have needed a good crisis to ‘save human existence and our environment from extinction’ so they created the crisis they needed, a pandemic to establish an emergency atmosphere, and kill millions of people at the same time.  Not so much from the pandemic, but from the cure and/or the ‘prevention’.  Anyone with any common sense would say it is counter-productive, but there it is. Don’t try to make sense of it, you have entered the Twilight Zone.

Almost the entire medical establishment bought into it. The government was telling doctors how to treat their patients, strictly enforced by the hospitals, lest they not get paid. They discarded good medicine and adopted experimentation. COVID patients were put into assisted living centers with the uninfected, therefore killing thousands of people. Since the vaccine introductions, the birth rate has plummeted world-wide, young athletes are suffering heart attacks, healthy pilots are dying, some in the cockpit, young college students dying for no apparent reason.  Insurance companies are noticing an alarming increase in the excess death rate.  Funeral directors have noticed strange blood clots from the deceased. Many great doctors suffered the consequences for not going along.  

Is all this coincidence?

A lot of people, albeit unthinking, are going to take exception to what I am going to say, but the reason for defending Ukraine is not for the sake of Ukraine or its people.  It is to destroy the Putin regime.  Putin is not buying into the NWO.  He stands in the way and the globalist oligarchs want him gone.  What they did to Trump they are trying with Putin and anyone who gets in their way.  If it takes war, so be it.  A member of the Ukraine government admitted last year approvingly that the Ukraine war is to protect the New World Order. They are all determined to get this NWO wrapped up by 2030.  The sufferings of the people of Ukraine are a tool of the NWO.  It’s criminal.

A war with Russia or China will mean an accelerated end to the United States as we know it and the globalists will cheer.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is not living in reality. 

Has anyone noticed that we are being distracted with issues, future pandemics, climate, food shortages, inflation, industrial accidents, chickens dying, one problem after another?  Anything to keep you thinking about other things.  War with Russia and/or China is a giant step toward the NWO, but only if it’s necessary.  So far we are headed in that direction and we are silent.

The government is continuing quite the psy-op. They wanted to see how far they could go in directing people’s lives, closing millions of small businesses, destroying many of them, closing churches, and schools while keeping liquor stores and Walmart open.  They must have been delighted at the results.  People not leaving their homes, driving alone in their cars with a mask on, compelling experimental vaccines while allowing millions of the unvaccinated illegally into the country. Does anyone see the hypocrisy of it all?  All for a virus as dangerous as an active flu season.  

We can still stop this madness.  The Left in this country and much of Western Civilization is pushing hard for a change in the world order.  We don’t want it, we didn’t vote for it.  We will not accept it.  Yes, silence can be the severest criticism, but too much silence can be misconstrued as compliance. And we will not comply.  The next pandemic has arrived and it is an epidemic of silence.  Heal thyself.

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