Throttling Conservative Voices

It has taken a while to convince me that I am a really bad person when compared to the rest of the world. This knowledge did not come to me on my own, but through the opinions and actions of others. The latest revelation came to me from the editor of my local paper who began having serious reservations about continuing my articles.

It seems that I am too harsh in my evaluation of (mostly) democrats but also of stupid people in general. He said that I needed to “tone down” my harsh rhetoric and be more gentle in calling these communist, country-destroying cretins what they are. I also make it plain in my articles that I loathe these demons and pray imprecatory prayers where they are concerned. Evidently, this is not nice.

My writing does not sit well with said editor, so what am I to do? Become kinder and gentler so that I will still have a byline, or once again, refuse to apologize for being right. This is Act I, Scene 2 for me where newspapers are concerned.

In 2020, I had an article in my hometown paper where I criticized BLM for being a bunch of thugs. The reaction to that simple statement was quite explosive. Local blacks threatened to burn down the newspaper office, boycott local businesses, come down to Smithland and burn my house, our barns and farm equipment. They even threatened to call Al Sharpton to bring his racist entourage to chastise me. All this would be averted if I apologized in print.

I refused to apologize for the truth. How could I back up and do a mea culpa when I am the one who begs people to stand up for their principles, their culture, and way of life. To save the editor the embarrassment of firing the most-read opinion writer in her paper, I just walked away. Just in case the fools decided to come down here and cause mischief, I had plenty of protection up and down the road. Nothing happened, because the editor wrote a groveling apology, called my comments ‘vile,’ put it on Facebook and the natives were satisfied.

Now I am faced with a similar situation. I tried to explain to the current editor that my writings express my great fears at the terrifying situation our country is in. I saw it coming when Obama was elected, and changed the topics of my articles from Little Mary Sunshine stories to more politically based opinions. It seems to me that to stay silent, or be kind and turn the other cheek to these demons, is exactly the opposite thing a person should do.

While stories about sitting on grandma’s front porch are nice, they don’t address the fact that we are losing our freedoms, our culture and our country at an accelerated pace. Our children are being taught a garbage curriculum that is not preparing them for anything but serfdom. Our children are being attacked with deviant lifestyles being preached to them everywhere, school, music, movies, games, etc. Our mainline churches are going woke on us. Once respected businesses are catering to the deviant 1% in the nation, while turning their backs on the millions of people who buy their products.

Our economy is failing so badly for the working class peoples; middle class businesses are being regulated to death-again-by these communists in the White House. We are being relegated to a second class nation status because of the weakness, ineptness, downright treasonous behavior from the communist/demoncrats, in Washington, D.C. Internationally, we are not respected or feared anymore, and this lessening of respect is having dire consequences in trade, defense, and keeping the dollar the major trading currency for the world.

While BRICS is undermining our nation, while China has free reign in stealing our information through computers, satellites and spy balloons, while the Ukraine is bleeding us dry so that we have a serious shortage of ammunition for what weapons we have left, while every leftist nation in Africa and the rest of the world is being given billions in taxpayer money which they will use to buy weapons to fight US, I’m supposed to sit here and write about planting caladiums.

Once I figure out how to write nice and kind about the demons from Hell who want to destroy the country that I once was so proud of, maybe then I can contribute to the local paper. I have to be truthful, I am not optimistic

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6 thoughts on “Throttling Conservative Voices”

  1. Never apologize for being right. As more and more of us subscribe to this, the less we will have to put up with the petulant children who are getting all the attention today. It may necessitate some pain; however, as a society, we will all be better for it.

    “Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.” – Christopher Hitchens

  2. For all of my life I have considered myself to be a patriotic, taxpaying, American citizen; only to find in my 80’s that I am a Xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, raciest, white supremacist. Is there still time for me to repent?

  3. Join the club. Even my wife has asked me to tone down my rhetoric. I’ll tone it down when the Left tones down their insane actions and antics, not before. They must be defeated. WE must do the defeating.

  4. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I have found that writing an opinion piece is like sending a letter to Santa Claus-a body hopes someone will read It!

  5. I have no wish to repent, nor do I feel the need to.
    All of my life I have played by the rules and made my own way in the world while helping others only to see my country fall further into socialism/communism. I refuse to be chastened by the politicly correct and WOKE fanatics attempting to destroy our beloved country. I do not understand how and why insanity became communicable.

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