It’s Not Your Parents’ Democrat Party Anymore

Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.
~Joseph Goebbels


If there is ever a time in our recent history that proves the Democrats are destroying our country, it is now! 

The streets are filled with hateful, young, anti-American, ignorant students who see injustice everywhere, without the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to provide.

Our government leaders, as well as their ghostly but hidden agents of purposeful mismanagement—an entire education system supported by a corrupt government, globalists, foreign governments, and corporate trash—are being run by far-left radicals in a major political party committed to the extinction of our great country.

These radical types got their start in the 1960s and 1970s, rioting against the Vietnam War, which was not an altogether disagreeable burden.  The more we learned about LBJ and his lies that dragged us into a war that killed over 58,000 good men and women, the more those protests, in retrospect, became at least understandable.  However, the Democrat leaders of those days have long since vanished, replaced by a new Democrat who now craves Marxist power rather than peace or prosperity.

Many Democrats have their roots in the street and deep inside the bureaucracy. Some gained notoriety during the Vietnam War; others were active in the civil rights movement; and others bombed police stations.  However, some individuals remain anonymous. Obama served as president for eight years, yet I challenge any average voter to say he or she knows who he is. Obama was an Alinsky community organizer. His background, college years, grades, and papers are all a mystery.  They don’t disclose such information if it is detrimental to him.  So, they routinely ask us to cast our votes for individuals we don’t know. Our founders papers are available for all to see.  They had nothing to conceal.

Hillary Clinton was a Saul Alinsky follower, but disagreed with Alinsky on a key point.  Alinsky felt change should come from the outside, while Hillary believed it needed to come from inside the system—a sort of weaponization of government.

Alinsky, the Satan admirer, offered her a job.  She turned it down. Hillary instead became a staff attorney on the House Judiciary Committee’s Impeachment Inquiry in 1973–74.  Her idea of justice was to deny President Nixon legal counsel.  After the inquiry, Hillary was fired.  Her boss, Jerry Zeifman, would not even give Hillary a letter of recommendation.  When asked as to why he fired her, Zeifman said: “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee, and the rules of confidentiality.”  (

These Democrats have bought into the globalist agenda, have decided it is inevitable, and are now demanding a place at the table being set.  It is inevitable because they have contributed to our dismantling, spending what we do not have, preventing growth we badly need, and arranging the chairs so only they can find a seat, governing with only their reward in mind.  They wait for the total chaos they know is coming, so they can introduce their final solution when they feel the people are sufficiently desperate.

Theories of conspiracy no longer exist. They’re now real and in your face. If you don’t see it now, you never will until it is too late for you. In the midst of violent riots with Jewish students beaten, destruction of college property, and chasing Jews off their campuses, college administrators and Democrats say nothing.  Not even campus security has been there to aid victimized students. Their silence is loud.

Where is the president?  Where is the other president, Obama? Where are the Clintons? Where are the blue-state governors? Where is Alvin Bragg, the New York County district attorney?  Where is Gascon, the bogus DA of LA County?  Where is Letitia James, New York’s Attorney General? Is she too preoccupied with her efforts to undermine Trump?  Where are the Democrat leaders in Congress?  Where has the college leadership gone?  Their too few comments were milk-toast quips.

The Democrat silence tells me the students are speaking for them with their tacit permission.

Why are Soros and other domestic enemies allowed the freedom to fund these subversive groups? 

The antisemitic demonstrators in our Ivy League colleges—the bogus “best America has to offer”—are not Republicans. Heck, they are not even adults.  Allowing an 18-year-old to vote, unless they are in the military, is empowering children to make decisions without any personal stake in the outcome.

It is safe to say that these students are Democrats. From kindergarten, they are the children of the DNC, a product of a planned, organized system of propaganda developed decades ago by Marxist operatives in a patient but determined process of creating generations of socialists to destroy our freedom and introduce a new serfdom.  Call it the Great Reset, the New World Order, or whatever.  It’s real and has the support of the new generation coming of age.  Not because it is better than what made us great—it isn’t by a long shot—but because they were taught it is more just, a concept they agree with on face value.  And face value is all they have.  Their capacity to learn is hampered by a poor knowledge base.  Their grade school gave them a very deficient background in civics and history, so they have very little to build on. Many blue cities produce students who routinely get A’s but can’t read.

As a result, many of today’s students are angry, disenchanted, and want change, but they have no idea what form change should take. They think capitalism doesn’t work because they were told that as long as they can remember.  They believe socialism can work if it is democratic socialism, but they can’t define it.  So, they are stuck with professors drilling into them that socialism is justice, but many of the same professors have no experience in the workplace where there is no tenure.  The students remain entrenched in their belief that capitalism is flawed, yet they struggle to devise a rewarding life free from competition. 

Anyone who calls himself or herself a Democrat and is shocked at the pro-Palestinian riots badly needs a reality check.  Their party is much more radical than they can imagine. But, the establishment Left has overplayed their hand.  These young minds full of mush are now unhappy with Democrats, of all people.  The Dems’ silence and lack of vocal support are angering them, making toadies like James Carville go on what looked like a senile rant, telling a 26-year-old who threatens to stay home on election day, f**k you.  How senile? Carville told this person: “If you’re 26, do you see what they’re doing? First of all, they’re gonna take every right that you could possibly have away from you.” It was a sort of Biden-style ‘They’re going to put you back in chains’ moment.  Carville looked like a lunatic and made no friends that day.

Students could be facing a criminal record, fines, expulsion, unemployment, and pissed-off parents.  Another problem these students face is the realization that the party they trusted has abandoned them. Biden doesn’t want to lose his base, but he certainly doesn’t want to lose any more of the electorate he already has, so he says nothing.  You didn’t really think that Biden had any core values, did you?

Students should realize that the press and any number of people are using 4K cameras with facial recognition. These dumb students will have to endure interviews with prospective employers who will show them high-definition photos or videos of their screaming antisemitic chants or burning an American flag. That interview will be over quickly. The Democrat Party is not going to bail them out.  So, as a gesture of something like smoothing things over, Biden announced on Wednesday that more student loans would be forgiven, in spite of the Supreme Court telling him he has no authority to do so.   When all else fails, pay them off with other people’s money.  Biden’s pathetic 2-minute speech on Thursday was so late that it can only be considered an afterthought.

We are witnessing the destruction of our nation. The enemy has taken over much of our government, including the justice system and upper ranks of the military. What could possibly be the reason not to prosecute criminals unless they have a plan to create chaos on our streets?

Why would a government spend trillions of tax dollars on infrastructure or anti-inflation bills with no positive effect on our economy?  Why would the Biden administration not want to drill for energy when we need it to maintain our homes and businesses?  Why would these same people purposely destroy the morale of the greatest military in the world by accepting and allowing sexual perverts to work and live alongside traditional soldiers?  Why are we allowing men to compete with women in sports?  Why do we feel compelled to embrace and even condone their neuroses?

The only answer is that it is deliberate and calculated by a bunch of one-time street hawkers aided and funded by globalists, and America-hating billionaire psychopaths who have spent decades controlling the world’s economy, buying politicians, offices, and election systems within our own government to accomplish nothing less than control of our government.  It’s not your parents’ Democrat Party anymore. They are ushering in the 4th industrial revolution. They don’t need or want us. Their faith is in technology, not God.  All to destroy our society, our culture, and our spiritual life.  In effect, it will destroy our country and Western civilization if we allow it to.

This article originally appeared on Stand Up America US. Reprinted here with permission.

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