Did the Libertarian Party Just Help the GOP?

Yahoo News reported:

Former President Trump was met with mixed reactions at the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday as the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee suggested that he should also receive the Libertarian presidential nomination. “Only do that if you want to win,” Trump told attendees. “If you want to lose, don’t do that. Keep getting your 3% every four years,” he added.

Mr Trump was widely booed at the Libertarian Party Convention, and of course they didn’t nominate him, or Robert F Kennedy, Jr, who also sought the Party’s nod. Instead they picked Chase Oliver, the openly homosexual Georgian perennial candidate. And, just as President Trump said, the Libertarians will get a small percentage of the vote.

Chase Oliver and friend. Via Twitter. Click to enlarge.

It was during my quill pen and ink days at the University of Kentucky when Dr Malcolm Jewell, the Political Science Department chairman at the time, defined a political party as an organization dedicated to electing its nominees to put their political ideas into governing policy. By that definition, the Libertarians are not a political party at all, because they clearly care nothing about actually winning.

This is actually a good thing. Progressive voters are already leery about President Biden, and his support for Israel, and an openly homosexual candidate is just the thing to pull ‘progressive’ votes, including homosexual voters. More, if some of them just pull the Libertarian Party straight ticket lever, it could take votes away from Democrats down the ticket. The Libertarians are very much anti-war, and that is only going to help with pulling voters away from the Democrats to the Libertarians.

This seems like a great way to help Republicans! Since Mr Trump is already opposed to helping Ukraine, this is less likely to pull anti-war Republicans to the Libertarian nominee.

Am I right about this? Somehow it seems like the Conventional Wisdom, and the Conventional Wisdom has somewhat frequently proven to be unconventionally wrong. But I do have high hopes that the Libertarians will help send the dummkopf back to Delaware.

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