A Hospital, Supposedly an Institution of Science, Wants Trained Health Care Professionals to Be ‘Educated’ That Girls Can Be Boys and Boys Can Be Girls?

Sometimes it seems as though today’s political left think that the coed gang shower scene from Starship Troopers is the only important thing. That, of course, and the very-dear-to-the-left idea that ‘transwomen’ are real women, and absolutely Must Be Accepted as such.

Riley Gaines Barker is a former University of Kentucky swimmer who was required to share a locker room with Will Thomas, the male-who-claimed-to-be female swimmer named “Lia” for the University of Pennsylvania. Mrs Barker is married, to a man, so it isn’t as though she has never been seen naked by a man, but I am reminded of a scene in Blue Bloods, in which fictitious New York City Police Officer Edit Janko, who had previously been victimized by frathouse boys who stripped her and posted nude pictures of her, said that she’d never received any complaints about her nude body, because she previously had gotten to choose who got to see it. Mrs Barker obviously chooses to be seen nude by Louis Barker, because she married him. That doesn’t mean that she chooses to be naked in front of any other man.

Does your wife choose to walk around naked in front of other men?

Mrs Barker clearly does not believe that Mr Thomas is female, and she has made a post-collegiate career out of lobbying for real women, and referenced this article:

Female nurses vow to keep fighting over hospital trans policy: Won’t be ‘ignored’ or ‘threatened’

‘It’s kind of been — swept aside, I think, in the hope that we were going to just forget about it and shut up,’ NHS nurse Lisa Lockey said

by Kristine Parks | Saturday, July 6, 2024 | 7:00 PM EDT

A group of nurses in the United Kingdom who filed a lawsuit against a National Health Service hospital trust over its transgender employee policy are speaking out publicly for the first time to demand the NHS protect female staff.

“I think to go public was just to try and gain some attention really from the government to try and look at the policies around this because there’s nothing in place at the minute to protect women. It’s literally a self-made situation where any person can just [identify] as a woman and go in,” Darlington Memorial nurse Lisa Lockey told Fox News Digital.

“It’s been ongoing for a long time. We’ve been ignored,” she continued. “And it’s kind of been — swept aside, I think, in the hope that we were going to just forget about it and shut up.”

The group of nurses, who shared their story with the media anonymously in May, filed a suit against the County Durham and Darlington Memorial Hospital Trust that month. In the suit, they allege they have been harassed by the biological male colleague who often walks around the female changing room undressed and stares at and initiates conversations with colleagues as they are dressing.

One thing needs to be remembered: nurses see partially undressed patients all the time, and their jobs include training on the sensitivity and privacy concerns for patients. Why should they be expected not to have such privacy concerns for themselves?

The trans worker also wears men’s clothes, has facial hair and has told colleagues about trying to get a female girlfriend pregnant, the suit claims.

If that part of the claim is true — and one would expect there to at least be photos of the man male worker with facial hair — then who can doubt that this guy just wants to see other women undressed?

More than two dozen nurses addressed their concerns in a letter to management, and then:

Shortly afterward, the suit alleges the head of HR lectured a manager that the female nurses needed to be more “inclusive” and to get “educated” on the issue.

Get “educated,” huh? So, what, a hospital, supposedly an institution of science, wants trained health care professionals to be educated that girls can be boys and boys can be girls?

There are two conflicting ideas here:

  1. Transgender people are the sex they say they are; and
  2. People cannot change their sex.

Those ideas are mutually exclusive. The left want normal people to be polite and accepting, and go along with an idea that they might not share, so as to not hurt the precious little feelings of the ‘transgendered,’ but that means accepting both an imposition and an idea that is unscientific and completely foreign to them. The hospital could ask the man male who claims he’s a woman to modify his behavior, and change by himself, but, Heaven forfend!, that would be the hospital implying that no, he really isn’t a woman.

In this situation, there’s more involved. If, as the lawsuit claims, this person walks around the changing room undressed and initiates conversations with others while they are changing, he is, in the most charitable way I can put it, trying to become friends and accepted as a woman by those who do not wish such. Less charitably, he just wants to be around partially undressed women. He could have tried to be far more discreet, and change in an unoccupied corner, and not try to interact with the real women in the changing room, but he apparently does not want to do that.

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