A Hospital, Supposedly an Institution of Science, Wants Trained Health Care Professionals to Be ‘Educated’ That Girls Can Be Boys and Boys Can Be Girls?

Sometimes it seems as though today’s political left think that the coed gang shower scene from Starship Troopers is the only important thing. That, of course, and the very-dear-to-the-left idea that ‘transwomen’ are real women, and absolutely Must Be Accepted as such. Riley Gaines Barker is a former University of Kentucky swimmer who was required …

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Conservative Catholics Oppose Vatican’s World Children’s Day Featuring Drag Performer

Chuck Cordak: The Vatican’s decision to include a drag performer in its World Children’s Day celebrations has sparked significant controversy, particularly among conservative Catholics.

Libs reconsider tranny surgery; American ambulance chasers may save a generation of confused kids

All opinion pieces in the New York Times now reflect the opinion of the paper’s staff after the staff succeeded in getting an editorial page editor fired after running a column by Senator Tom Cotton.

I Told You So!

I really do love being proved right!

I had previously said that school districts which kept students “gender transitions” secret from their parents will have opened the districts to humongous lawsuits.

More parents claim Colorado school district forced children into overnight rooms with students of opposite sex

Multiple parents claim their child was forced to stay in overnight accommodations with transgender students.

By Kendall Tietz, Fox News | Monday, January 15, 2024 | 9:00 AM EST

More parents have come forward with claims that children in a Colorado school district were forced into sharing overnight rooms, even showers, with students of the opposite sex.

For whatever reasons they have, Fox News is now requiring readers to provide their email addresses to see the articles. If you want to check the original I used, you can access it here without going through more idiocy.

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Why is There a Sudden Epidemic of Transgenderism?

The answer, of course, is that it’s not sudden. Bishop Patrick Wooten claims that Tyler Perry used his alter ego, Madea, to normalize men wearing dresses and making drag more acceptable in the Black community through comedy and religion.

Regardless of What the #Woke Want to Believe, the Numbers Just Won’t Lie

At some point, you’d think that even the wokest of the #woke would understand the facts. The tweet screencaptured on the right gives you the basics, and you can read the whole story here. From the Portland Press-Herald: Transgender girl makes history with victory at cross country regional Soren Stark-Chessa, a sophomore at Maine Coast …

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Political Parody As a Weapon-Part XCVI

Lia Thomas

From the rapier wit of Albert Constantine Jr, AFNN’s Paul Shanklin: Political Parody As a Weapon Part XCVI-Maybe I know that Lia’s cheating, maybe I know that Lia’s a boy- the sport he’ll destroy.

Remember You Haters! Calling Them ‘Groomers’ and Saying That ‘They’re Coming After Our Kids’ is Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic and Just Plain False and Mean!

There are times I think that I’ve written on the subject of ‘transgenderism’ too frequently, but it keeps coming up in the news. I wouldn’t care if Jack wanted to call himself Jill, if the ‘transgendered’ weren’t trying to use the power of the state to force other people to go along with their delusions. …

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Fearmongering From The Nation, As They Fret That ‘The South Shall Rise Again!’

The Nation is a biweekly ‘progressive’ political journal, whose positions have usually been on the far left end of the American political spectrum. The magazine used a fairly simple drawing to illustrate an article this morning, but I thought a drawing of Pickett’s Charge, from the Battle of Gettyburg, would be more appropriate, because they’re …

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Transurrection Part II

Part one of Montana’s Transurrection is the only accurate eyewitness account of what happened in the Montana legislature when radical leftists showed their willingness to act violently and disrupt the business of all Montanans on April 24th. In part one, I described what I witnessed outside the Capitol building and then in the House gallery. …

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