Globalist Folly Back in Season in The Swamp (Part 20)

Globalist Folly Part 19 introduced the idea that our government has pretty much gone back to the future and adopted the Obama administration technique of just plain bald-faced lies as a communications strategy, while relying on the LSMBTG* to cover their backs and tracks and carry water for them. Part of the objective of this series from conception has been to revisit, expose and outline how and why that is so (e.g., the technique of resorting to lies) by providing evidence-the facts associated with those lies-that many people may have glossed over or just been duped like a lot of Americans who may not have seen the “facts” in those instances. Those examples include things like Bergdahl, Benghazi, Navy Iranian hostage payment, Details of the Iranian nuclear deal, DACA, DOMA, Fast and Furious, IRS Scandals, ACA, China breach of OPM, Meddling in Ukraine politics, mistreating Israel in favor of the Palestinians, failing to support Mubarak, destroying Libya, Syrian WMD red line folly, failing to do anything about Russia military action in Ukraine and Crimea, Paris Climate Accords, not knowing about HRC’s illegal email server, going after Michael Flynn, standing by while the illegal FISA actions played out, etc.

Many previous administration fan boys and girls heard about some of the above in passing (it is not an exhaustive list) but discounted much of it because-Orange Man Bad! So back to the present-Biden has noticed that we the people are upset by these rising prices and are blaming him. He is angry because thinking Americans don’t believe that any actions Putin has taken caused the components of these problems to occur. Riddle me this-which of these problems that have contributed to a goods and services shortage-resulting in scarcity and competition for same-that have driven up prices-weren’t caused by the administration: stacked up container ships awaiting service by California ports-largely caused by labor issues associated with dogmatic COVID policy, transportation issues-predominantly trucker shortages- largely caused by COVID policies, a near 60% increase in fuel costs that have recently doubled over 2020 prices, coupled with periodic shortages exacerbated by the trucker issues.

Real oil and gas production is down only about 15% in comparison to 2020 production. However, the pent-up demand unleashed from the COVID lockdowns caused tremendous stress on the system at the same time the administration took demonstrative steps to disincentivize US production while incentivizing oil production from those producers who hate us who as recently as November 2020-we did not import any oil from for the first time in decades (Saudi Arabia.)

But canceling the Keystone Pipeline, passing laws that prohibited fracking on federal lands, restarting support for Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project-building infrastructure that will cede Putin a monopoly over European LNG and oil supplies, Biden would have us believe none of those actions contributed to driving the price of oil up over $100 a barrel-where it looks to stay for the foreseeable future-during peak cold season.

Which takes us to the second big lie-actually a series of them. The administration-led by propaganda lead Gem “full of” Poosaki-Dan Bongino’s infamous “Peppermint Patty”-took a cue and the nonsense words from her boss that the Keystone Pipeline was not a short term solution to help these issues-of course democrat climate and green new deal homage shenanigans delayed work on the pipeline for seven of the last ten years-which they know they won’t be called out on by the LSMBTG-and similarly Pete Bootyguy harrumphed about not seeking “long term solutions to short term problems”-which strikes me as the type of observation politicians made while I was waiting in the gas lines in 1973 on the “odd” day to get my ration of 12 gallons of gas (during a time when I could only afford about 8-and burned at least one moving down the block to stay in line-but most often we pushed our cars) but good on failed Mayor Bootyguy doing something about it-even only coming up with a nice gitchy, hipster slogan that isn’t worth spit: it was more than I expected of the lightest weight official in a cabinet full of them.

Poosaki actually went one better here, finally stumbling into a topic she thought it her duty to inform the American people about. So she did a special sincere infomercial or Podcast-a nice intimate setting and touch compared to her normal, somewhat standoffish style laced with a touch of sarcasm and stiff arms of non-answers and tennis-like offers to circle back-to explain the lie that Biden told us about oil and gas companies sitting on some 9K oil leases-the sincerely offered “look folks, there is nothing to stop them from producing oil on those sites right now,” insinuating nobody is stopping them, certainly not the government.

I didn’t include the link to her infomercial (you’re welcome) but this was a decent rebuttal on the facts. Could they possibly be either so ignorant they don’t understand how the business works, where companies obtain thousands and thousands of leases in the hopes that some small percentage will prove viable and economically feasible to build out and produce oil once all the testing, research, investments, time, labor and trouble are expended, or is the administration such bald faced liars-or think that we the people-are so gullible we do not know that-or will not bother to check it out? The 9K leases is the definition of a long-term solution to an enduring short-term problem, insinuating re-unleashing American production in this area. Talk among yourselves and explain why the administration thinks this is a winning talking point (I’ll wait…)

But have no fear of the above, our country was on this case. If there’s anything worse than our government lying to us, it’s our government doing anything that props up or gives the Russians any reason to celebrate or get over on us. Yet among all the blame and bother put on Putin over the last decade, our government somehow-not only gave the go ahead to reverse the DJT sanctions on Putin’s Arctic expansion related European oil pipeline efforts, but also backed away from directly negotiating with Europe and pressing LNG production in the US that could be exported to meet demand and counter Putin at every turn and twist of this geo-political canine-equestrian slug fest: all gone by the board. It is disturbing enough to hear these reversals of policy that just defy common sense, understanding or belief. But then comes this tidbit that over the past five years or so oil imports from Russia have increased to an average on the order of ~$70M a day. Russia currently only sits behind the US in production in the world with some ~7M barrels of oil production a day-it accounts for some 36% of Russia’s GDP (of just under $2T per annum.)

Question from the back-with Russia saber rattling Ukraine since 2014, taking Crimea, us having to kick the azz of their mercenary force in Syria under DJT, and now invading Ukraine “again”-why were we buying oil to fund their expansions-in the first place? Who thought that was a good idea?

Finally, there is hope-to some-in that the administration keeps dangling use of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) to help with fuel issues. Talk about a short-term solution-like a band aid on a sucking chest wound or 100MPH tape to hold on a severed arm. With roughly ~714M barrels of oil capacity in reserve in case something really bad happens (it is a rumor that there is a sticker on it that says “open in case of stupidity”) we have about a month and a half supply for the whole of the US in a pinch: but it is a wartime reserve, not a “we’ve done stupid things-so we need a “Let’s Make a Deal” response.” Also, the SPR can only pump some 4.4 million barrels a day, so in theory we have enough for ~140+ days against a demand that was as low as 9M to as high as 29M barrels a day the last several COVID years.

The sales out of the SPR since 2015-authorised quietly by congress and conducted by the Department of Energy-are typically used to augment or pay down the federal budget deficit. Unlike social security (how did that work out,) we’ve never heard a politician advocate for a “lockbox” on the SPR to maintain capability in case one of the oil producing countries who hates us decides they won’t take our phone calls and don’t want out money anymore.

Back to our government. The inflation lies have been astonishing, the goods, services and shortages and fuel prices just mind numbing, but one of my favorites recently has been the Bio-lab issue in Ukraine. Over the span of a mere week or so, our government’s story and position looked like the Three Stooges flying a plane adventure (it’s that way, no that way-down, up,) where our story went from hmm, bio-labs? What bio-labs-no labs, nope, no US investments-no idea about this stuff-right wing conspiracy theory, Putin disinformation. Putin accusing people of things that he was doing or about to do: which may be the only description of him as having some democrat tendencies that I’ve heard to date. Then pictures of Obama and Luger in Ukraine in bio-labs the US congress looked at funding way back in 2005-were disclosed-apparently hard to remember these things. Which of course were harmless and focused on stuff like the common cold.

But then old Russia Hoax accelerator-Victoria Nuland-who is no stranger to meddling in political affairs in Ukraine, as this Cato piece about the downfall of Russia ally President Yanukovych-who won a US certified or at least observed election of the Ukraine people-makes clear. This was the populist uprising we heard about at the time with our administration picking winners and losers. How could that have bothered ally Putin?

Nuland is the same story time gal who “did not know about the Steele-State Department meeting until after it took place,” who also met with infamous HRC hatchet man Cody Shearer and others when Russia mania was being reinforced and given legs and being fanned by our government.

She recently waded into the Ukraine bio-labs story like a canary in the proverbial coal mine-while many of us were still betwixt and between the narrative of no investments, no labs, no US-where she expressed concern about the security of these heretofore classified as unknown and innocuous labs. But now somehow elevated to a point of concern-sounding the alarm on the issue of Russia getting ahold of material from these labs-and then came this extraordinary exchange with Marco Rubio where suddenly the danger of some of these formerly innocuous materials being used by Russia in an WMD attack to harm the Ukrainian population would be all on Putin. Boowhoop! It is hard to keep up!

So either our country had nothing to do with these labs-although that has proven to be the original lie/sin, or maybe we funded these innocuous labs but it was common cold and flu, Ebola, and plague stuff-generic-nothing to see here. Or we were funding more deleterious stuff that is going to be a problem if Putin gets ahold of it.

What seems abundantly clear is there is something fishy about the entire narrative our government fed to us since the story broke and its doubly suspicious considering that somebody like Marco Rubio-from Senate Intel-pretty much spoon-fed Nuland the desired narrative on Putin.

Little lies beget big lies! I’m going to close this before running long. But the tactic that has been consistent in this third Obama term is the lies and distortions exposed through the LSMBTG and the seeming inability of the administration to understand that-in the main-they are not getting the “pop” or the good press out of their actions that they think they are. When you read this unclassified but sensitive story-about Pompeo security costs-which means it is not supposed to be public information-but somebody probably made it available to blunt to a degree Pompeo’s effectiveness in countering many of the Biden administration’s narrative sacred “cows”-do you think wow, they should stop funding it-or Pompeo should stop traveling and costing the US government so much money?

Or do you think-here is the administration up to their necks restarting negotiations with Iran-while they are still threatening former administration officials and bombing US facilities in Iraq?? I trust and hope it is the latter.

Oh those little lies!

Max Dribbler

18 March 2022

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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