Homeschooling: How to Help

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You don’t have to homeschool your own children to make a difference through homeschooling.  Even empty nesters and parents of public school kids can impact our society by supporting the homeschooling community in their local area.

Most people in the conservative community already understand the importance of homeschooling.  Homeschoolers are more likely to be Christian than not.  They are more likely to be Conservative than not.  They are more likely to be staunch patriots than not.  If you wanted to target your efforts to affect a large swath of like-minded folk, homeschooling is a good bet.

Homeschooling is a vital and proven strategy for thwarting the Left’s blatant attempts to brainwash our children.  As J.D. Vance said,

“Look, leave your hands off of our children. Stop trying to brainwash them. Parents get to raise their children. Families get to raise their children, not the state, not the leaders of the left. If you want to brainwash children, have your own kids to brainwash and leave your hands off of mine.”

We, as Conservatives, need to commit a good deal of resources and effort to increase the number of homeschoolers, the effectiveness of homeschooling and to safeguard the ability to homeschool in this country.

Homeschooling is undeniably important.

But homeschooling can be hard.

Homeschooling consists of researching the thousands of different options and then choosing the curriculum that will be best for your child.  It is getting your child to do the work without any authority above you to threaten them with.  It is dealing with all the different possible issues without the “safety net” of a school behind you.  It is having no other resources than what you have paid for or scrounged up.  It is doing all the monotonous, thankless tasks that you may completely hate day in and day out.  It is being completely responsible as the first and last line of defense for every aspect of their education and their life (their emotional health, mental health, physical health, spiritual health, etc.).   And then doing it the next year and the next year and the next year.

I have spoken with many parents over the years who claimed to want to homeschool their kids but didn’t feel that they could actually do it for various reasons.  These days, after Covid, some are feeling more confident.  I would encourage all parents to seriously consider if this would be best for you family.  If so, do it.  Because it is also so good for our society.

However, if it isn’t a good fit for your family or if your children are grown, you can still help support the homeschoolers around you.

We need people on school boards and in schools that are “friendly” to homeschooling families.  We need to consider election choices in light of the candidate’s stance on homeschooling as well as other issues.  We need to make everyone realize that homeschooling is a Conservative issue and a litmus test and that we will not give it up. 

Another way to help is money.  You could donate to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association who help with all manner of lawsuits and cease and desist letters for homeschoolers all over the country.  You could help to purchase curriculum for a needy homeschool family.  You could reach out to a local homeschool co-op and ask if they have some monetary needs you could help with (co-op insurance, supplies, etc.).  The vast majority of homeschooling families are one income households in a two income world and most are really pinching pennies.  Any homeschooling group would have an idea of a homeschooling family in need.

Another, more time-consuming option, is to find out if you could teach a subject at your local co-op.  Many co-ops are set up where the parents in the group volunteer to teach subjects they are skilled in to each others’ kids.  However, adding a, sometimes large, classroom instruction responsibility to their already packed teaching responsibilities can be daunting.  You do not need to be a professional teacher to teach in a homeschool co-op.  You just need to be knowledgeable in an area and willing to teach.  Or, perhaps, you know a homeschool student that you could tutor instead of teaching a whole class.

Perhaps you own a business that could hire homeschoolers or their parents.  Particularly if you could hire a homeschool mom on a flexible schedule, it might be the perfect way to bless a struggling homeschool family.  Or you could take on an apprentice.  Many homeschoolers are very interested in their children learning real skills.   Or maybe you have a building that could be used to house a homeschool group.

Another large need in the homeschooling community is access to sports.  Many homeschool families end up putting their children into public or private school so that they can participate in sports.  Coaching or facilitating a sports program for homeschoolers would be a really helpful way to keep homeschoolers homeschooling through high school.

To homeschool multiple children for thirteen years each is a monumental task.  As you can imagine, there are many different ways a homeschool family or group could need help.  The best way to support and encourage homeschooling in your local area is to contact homeschoolers and find out what they need and figure out what you could do to help from there.

May we all do what we can to save this great nation.


This is the last of five articles in a series I have written on the importance of homeschooling, the threat that it is to Liberals, the target that Liberals have put on homeschooling, how to homeschool and, lastly today, what you can do to help.

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  1. Valuable information! The homeschoolers seem to be a good independent group of people. I never thought to inquire about helping them. I will, locally.

    We put our two in private schools because there was no way either of us could homeschool them.


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