Optimism in the Face of Disaster

Armageddon: Pixabay

Both of the last three years (2020, 2021 and now well into 2022) have become something of a societal buzzword for big, stinky, pile of moldy grossness.  “Yesterday, was the worst day ever.  It was like 2020 all over again.” And everyone knows exactly what is meant.  Honestly, 2022 might be added to that elite group of years but we won’t know that for several months yet (hopefully).

Of course, the worst part of it is that the worldwide suffering was largely self-inflicted.  If we ever had doubts that we were being led by a bunch of imbeciles that don’t know what they are doing, well, now we know the truth.

From ineffective Covid policies to unjust riot response, from irresponsible election management to childish power grabs, most of our leadership has proven incapable of wise, deliberate decisions.  Our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness are at the whims of simpletons.  We are doomed.  Aren’t we?

Yet, there are some bright spots.

Normally law-abiding Americans are choosing to defy un-Constitutional orders.  And other law-abiding Americans support them.  Never in my life did I expect to be forbidden to go to church because of a disease – the government prohibited my right to freely assemble and didn’t allow me freedom to exercise my religion.  When a whole bunch of law-abiding people start breaking the law and supporting others breaking the law, it’s a good bet that law is tyrannical.

Many Americans are having to stand up for their freedoms for the first time in their lives.  Whether they are attending rallies or refusing to comply with un-Constitutional mandates, the American people have shown that they do have more gumption than I expected.  The medical personnel and the military members that have left their jobs over the Covid vaccine mandate – to stand for one’s freedom at the expense of one’s job impresses me.  In 2019, my expectation of Americans’ standing firm in the face of government tyranny would have been extremely low.  But now, post-2020, I have been pleasantly surprised.  A large segment of citizens has shown common sense and a strong spine. They haven’t defeated us.

We aren’t at 1984 levels yet.  If we can stand strong and right the course of our nation, if we can elect wise and just leaders, if we can raise the coming generation to appreciate and defend freedom, perhaps then, we can set America back to rights.

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1 thought on “Optimism in the Face of Disaster”

  1. One ideology has fully embraced what 1984 taught us, Maeve. They are just getting the push back they deserve, and maybe it will continue. It will take decades to undo.
    One thing the left has accomplished that may not be reversible, at this point, and that is the declining birth rate, worldwide, except in Africa. China intentionally interfered with theirs, to the point that they ditched their one child policy, for a two child , and now a three child policy, but their problem was that they produced a lot of single child families, of those who could have children, and it lasted for decades, which was well below the replacement rate for a healthy civilization to remain.
    Ours is a problem that is compounded by the problem the left injected in younger people thinking that global warming would destroy the planet, and they believed it. End result was the birth rate declining to less that the replacement rate in our country, which has been ongoing to decades. Then, there is that abortion problem, maybe being finally corrected with a Supreme Court decision, that has killed 60 or so million babies.
    With that said, I’m still optimistic. Our civilization can still survive, but it didn’t have to be forced on our children, thinking the the sky is falling, every damned day of the week since the seventies. It will just force future generations to buckle down and straighten out problems left by the left, that destroyed everything for so many. The population will decline, people will suffer, but like every event in our history, not just Americas’ but the planet’s, the starting point for future generations will be a bit more difficult, but we will survive.

    I hadn’t thought about this in years, until Elon Musk mentioned it in his Wall Street Journal interview.

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