We Live In A Patronizing Nation & We Are Tired Of It

Vaccine Tyranny
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The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a variety of underlying truths about American society that came bubbling to the surface in a dramatic fashion. For one, we saw the inadequacies from many of our political leaders. When moments of decision making came, not only did many of them fumble, their hubris prevented them from admitting fault.

The double impact of a pandemic during an election year magnified the level of political partisanship of the likes that I’ve never personally seen before. With every major event that has occurred during this seemingly never ending pandemic, there has been one common ingredient mixed in with all of it. That ingredient is the sour flavor of patronization.

Whether it be our politicians, the mainstream media or the coastal elitist types, they are all consistently patronizing towards the average American. Why are the people with the largest microphones, the largest media platforms, and the most important positions always talking down to us?

After the tragic death of George Floyd, protests and riots broke out nationwide. Or did they? Were there riots? Many of us watched live footage of buildings on fire, businesses being looted and, unfortunately, people killed during the chaos on the streets but the media believed we were too stupid to understand that these events were “mostly peaceful” despite what our eyes were witnessing.

When our politicians started creating their arbitrary rules for managing the spread of COVID-19, the American public legitimately had questions about it. How does it make sense that Wal-Mart & Target can host hundreds of people at a time, but your local mom & pop shop must shut down in fear of a spread? Why during a health emergency are they closing gyms but leaving open liquor stores? Are there better ways of managing our livelihood instead of destroying our livelihood?

As many common-sense questions as we had, they were never truly answered. We were publicly maligned by our media elite and consistently given the most dismissive title for daring to challenge governmental authority; ‘conspiracy theorist’.

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Who are we to ask Dr. Fauci why throughout the entire pandemic, he consistently contradicted himself? Elitists see us as nothing more than feeble minded, uneducated, backwards thinking, conspiracy-driven idiots who watch Fox News too much. Even the non-political among us were labeled ‘right-wing extremists’ for wanting to know why their business was being forced to close or for questioning the advocacy of government dependency.

Understand, we’re not smart enough to understand and we don’t deserve an answer. Trust the experts, they know what they are doing and what’s best for us. Who are you to question their authority? You are nothing but a working-class schmuck that probably lives in ‘fly-over-country’. Leave the decision making to the coastal elite and maybe they will leave you in a position to economically rebound.

It is sad to say that the people who are in charge mostly don’t care about us unless we can give them something in return. Our politicians, especially on the Federal level, only pretend to advocate for the average American as long as it’s politically expedient because they are beholden to their donors & lobbyists.

Your mainstream media, whether it be on television or in print form, communicate with us like we are idiots. We are supposed to buy what they are selling, but never ask questions about their product. They are the coastal elitists within the media that decide what we should know and how we should interpret it. They dictate which information is pertinent for our own good because we are too stupid to decipher it ourselves.

The elitists that reside in New York City & Washington D.C. don’t give a damn about people who live in rural counties, as a matter of fact, they consistently look down upon them because they’re probably ‘non-college educated’ anyways, as if that means something of significance.

After the election for the Virginia Governor where Terry McAuliffe (D) lost to Glenn Youngkin (R), instead of the Democrat establishment blaming themselves for failing to have a convincing message for Virginians, they blamed ‘white non-college-educated women’ which they instinctively translate to ‘white unintelligent women’.

Publications, media figures and everyday elitists essentially blamed this alleged ‘unintelligent’ demographic for the Democrat’s loss and with reflexive anger they smeared this demographic as being racists for going against the coastal elite’s desires.

When the elite implement poor policies which inevitably fail, they blame their despised underclass. COVID outbreak? Must be those idiot anti-vaxxers who are questioning why they should inject themselves with something they don’t feel comfortable with. Must be those moron conspiracy theorists who question the legitimacy of mandating a vaccine.

I believe many Americans are tired of being patronized. They’re tired of being talked at instead of being talked to. They’re tired of being blamed for the failures of the elite class. They’re tired of being convenient scapegoats and gaslighted about what is happening around them. The working class is tired of coastal elitists lifting their noses up at them and speaking with a condescending country twang cadence when one of us dares to question them.

The working class are quickly realizing what these coastal elitist types think about them and the shift in politics and culture is starting to happen. Future elections are going to be a referendum on the mistreatment the working class has experienced and the elite will egotistically never see it coming.

This article was originally published in Wrong Speak Publishing. Republished here with permission. 

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