Why I Stand Up For America

Why do I stand up for America? America is not only the land of the free. America has been always the land of tolerance, liberty and variety of lifestyle, not to use the word diversity, that unfortunately has been misused lately.

A country that truly empowers you.

Back to the reasons that inspire me to write this piece, America is the country that show me what freedom and respect was like.

I come from a country (Venezuela) where beauty obsession has reached a ridiculous level. If you don’t feel their beauty standards, you can’t find a job, you can’t find clothing, even your social life becomes a mess. It can be an absolute hell in all its glory.

I look like anything but, as a Venezuelan woman is supposed to look. At my 15’s I was already a 5’11 plus size young lady that had to deal rejection in the most despicable ways.

To make long story short, I find in United States of America, a country that I can call home. No one made fun of me for my size or height; I had the sky as a limit on every single aspect of life. For the first time, I feel normal and respected. Something that my own country never offered me.

In my country I was (and still am) a weirdo, just for my looks. Meanwhile, America has given me countless opportunities, to grow as a professional, to have a normal life, to feel respected, loved and treated like any other human being. Priceless

For anyone, those are maybe pointless reasons for whining and weak person, something that I am not. But only someone with empathy or that has been on my feet, can really understand my feelings and the eternal gratitude towards the land of the free.

But this doesn’t stop here. Later, when chavismo completely destroyed my country, the first ones that fought against this cancer called socialism were Americans, without hesitation. That is something I will never forget.

In the meantime, administrations come and go during these 23 years. Some empowered the regime, others really fought for us, like the Trump administration and that will remain in the memory of every decent Venezuelan, but particularly mine.

More recently, when Joseph Biden began campaigning to be in the White House a group of Venezuelans (me included) detected immediately the danger and predicted all that could happen if this senile man, became the president of United States of America. No one listened.

Meanwhile, in real-time, before our eyes, the strongest and more powerful country of the world crumble into pieces, like a slow-motion horror movie, if you ask me.

Right then, I’ve decided without hesitation, to do the crossover of my politics radio show. I had everything against me: a self-learned broken English, an audience that never heard before about me, no money to buy great equipment’s, and the most important factor of all: I have no freedom at all, since I am currently in Venezuela.

You may wonder: how someone that needs to be free, is fighting for our freedom?

And that is exactly the reason that brought me to this point. Once you lose your freedom, it’s over, there is not turning back. The land of the free, the land of the opportunities, where dignity and respect is guaranteed to every single person from the moment of the conception, worth it all.

But if all of this is not enough for anyone, there is a historical-political fact: whatever happens in United States, affects and influence the rest of the world. So, we are talking about your freedom, my freedom, our freedom.

Do not let anyone take away the pride to be American, the honor to be American and the love for America. This country, worth it all.

For America, there is always hope.

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