If I Am a Terrorist…

What does that say about the word “Terrorist?” I haven’t gone and tried to harm a soul on this planet. I haven’t tried to destroy our blessed institution, called the USA. If I am now a terrorist only because I think there are those who do wish to harm the good people of the USA, and stand against them, something else must have happened. It says what many have known about those we disagree with: that they changed definitions to suit their needs. Projecting upon us which they do.

I don’t know how we got here, but it is a crying shame that two people can’t have a simple discussion about why we might disagree. Discussion, or debate, used to be where two people, or groups of people, might use to try to convince the other that their side is right, based on reason. One side of that equation decided that debate is not useful, and is ruining them because their arguments are just wrong. It must be easier to just decree that debate is over, like AlGore decided about global warming.

What they fail to understand is that, one day, the left will come to see the hole they dug is so deep that they will be trapped in it, too, because once you go down that road, it takes everyone with it. You can’t just will something to be right, unless you are omnipotent and omnipresent, and there is only one who qualifies for that. And, it was He who said that thing about the House divided will fall. I believe there are a lot of people who just plain quit believing in everything, except their own transactional morality. Our house is truly divided, and they had to go and call me a terrorist… lots of help that is.

There is another group that just won’t quit. It’s the Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, Putins, Jinpings and now Biden, who seem to be so desperate that they have to set the stage like they are dictators. Did you see the stage that Biden spoke on, when he said that all those MAGA voters are “semi fascists”? It looked like something that might have taken place in Red Square, or a NAZI rally, in the 30s, or Tianmen Square. Anyone who fits in that category claiming that I’m the terrorist, should check out the mirror, and put his narcissism back in check, instead of gloating in the glory of tyranny, like Biden did, and his speech was delivered on the place where individuals sought refuge from this  very evil. Biden doesn’t realize how Hitler-esque his stage presence was, or maybe that was the intention. Lots of love and unity on that stage, wasn’t there? You lefties are messing with the guy standing in front of that tank, in Tianmen Square. Remember that. It will haunt you to the end.

Every time someone, like any of these, take power, an evil is unleashed that destroys everything in its path, and the world comes a little bit closer to the end. They said we voted for this. I know I didn’t, and a lot of those who were claimed to have voted for this evil, didn’t. I want to see the proof they claim about a certain election.

So, if I am now a terrorist, and I want anything left from the country I was born and raised in that’s good, please explain. That is, if you are willing to debate the subject, and recent history suggests you are not, nor are you wiling to do anything that our country was founded on, which makes you the terrorist, not me. Quit the lying and deceiving.

One of these days, there will be two judgements, one by man, and the other by God. One will be bloody, and the other will be final.

I am no terrorist. You lost the debate, so you decided to be a terrorist against anyone standing in your way

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2 thoughts on “If I Am a Terrorist…”

  1. Wolves trying to disguise themselves as victims. Projection. The left has won so many battles using projection of their deeds onto us that they will never stop. It’s up to us to shine a light on their evil deeds and reverse this.
    They have become terrorists.


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