When Will YOU Go to Jail?

When Will You Go to Jail? Reportedly, the FBI made 50 searches of former Trump Administration officials recently. The FBI is fishing, most likely, for anything that can be glued together for a conspiracy charge concerning the “January 6th” election process or mob. If the Feds are going after Trump officials, when will they come for you? And, what Federal outrage does it take for you to be willing to go to jail for your beliefs?

The Biden Regime is using “lawfare” to go after their political enemies. They couldn’t win fair and square in the election of 2020. Because of their manifold failures, they won’t be able to keep power in 2022 and 2024 without some dramatic intervention. Indicting a host of officials on some grand conspiracy to commit sedition charge might be dramatic enough to influence the anchorless middle fifth of America that votes guns, butter, or the emotional hype of the day.

The old saw about a good prosecutor could get a Grand Jury to indict a ham sandwich applies. Lawyers can weasel word accusations to make anything stick with a truly ignorant and biased Washington, D.C. jury pool. So, plan on an American show trial that would make Hitler’s Nuremburg judges and Stalin’s judiciary jealous. Or, a continuing series of show trials to make it truly Orwellian.

So, if Biden and the Deep State are coming after the upper echelon of President Trump’s White House, then who is next? When will the trials end?

If the trials are successful, why won’t the Feds and Blue (Commie) states use them more often to squash all political opposition? Then, to silence political critics. Like, how Democrats (Commies) in Congress are demanding an investigation of the IRS tax status of the Family Research Council.

The J6 trials, convictions, and imprisonment of persons who simply walked through the Capitol taking selfies for the crime of trespass should indicate how the law can be a cudgel.

When will they come after you?

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out – because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Martin Niemoller, imprisoned 1937-1945.

Let’s say you and I are far enough down the food chain to not be indicted for crimes against the state – yet. What if the extension of Biden’s speech in Philly, the gates of Hell red optic that was a cross between Leni Riefenstahl and The Hunger Games, is to have a Reichstag moment that allows the Feds to do something truly, stupendously, absurdly, patently outrageous to threaten Americans’ family, faith, or freedom?

Like, there is another mass killing, so the Biden Regime bans all guns, order them surrendered, and make possession a crime. Or, declares some words are “hate speech”, as the EU and Canada do with Bible quotes now.

What would get you out in the streets to protest in your home town – no matter how conservative and sane your community is – to be seen choosing a side in public? Like after 9-11 when everyone flew their American flags.

When are you willing to be arrested and put in jail?

I would hate being in jail. Four years at West Point when it was a total institution like prison, was enough confinement for me. I would especially hate being imprisoned this close to the end of life. But, the Commies could push too far.

If they do, the best response from Americans, even in the face of arrests, raids, investigations, IRS seizures, and open BLM/Antifa-like sanctioned violence, is non-violence. Truly. Violence fits their narrative about White Supremacy, etc.

The true majority of Americans – including citizens of every description and label – could stop a dictatorial intrusive decree with massive civil disobedience. Order us to mask up again? No. Just say no and live it – for real. If enough people “refusenik” far beyond the capacity of the jails, the “Velvet Revolution” of the Warsaw Pact in 1989 may win again.

Or, America could descend into the chaos that would make horror of the Spanish Civil War seem modest. Pray, pray, and hope not.

Regardless of which way the winds of blow our ship of state, what is your true North? What is you irreconcilable difference? Your unacceptable mandate? Your line in the sand – which if the government crosses it – you’re willing to go to jail? Lose your job, money, possessions, and home.

When will you go to jail?

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2 thoughts on “When Will YOU Go to Jail?”

  1. Since, in any ideological iteration, except this leftist madness, I have not committed a crime, I won’t cooperate. Simple enough.
    I would never cooperate with a government that has gone this far off the rails.
    Anyone who did is too attached to their worldly possessions, and I think quite insane.

    If this government wants something, it had better bring a warrant and several guns.

    This government is going after President Trump because he stands up against them, and has resources to fight them, and he is right to do so. What really aggravates me is that there aren’t more who wouldn’t do the same.
    I don’t expect some young man who just got married, and/or just had their first child , to go and pick a fight with the government, and they had better not given the government the opportunity to make them a criminal, by some silly new “Regulation” by the ATF, but, at the same time, this has to stop being the case, where the left can run roughshod over you and I, with that “regulation”, or whatever new crazy idea they come up with.
    Politicians can no longer, or are not willing to do anything to protect our basic rights, our simple possessions, so just who does that leave, to do the protecting? Me, myself and I. The only three people I can rely on. Those three will not care if someone “is just doing his job.”
    That didn’t fly at the Nuremberg Trials, and it won’t fly with anyone in the path of my safety, privacy and freedom.
    They have been warning us that they want all our money, by congresspeople making those attempts at slipping in amendments. Same with gun laws, same with energy, and a lot of other things.
    I’m not some damned frog in a kettle.

    • As individuals, we have to pick our fight. We choose when to Just Say No. Good to be prepared for the consequences as you point out. Thanks.


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